How Europe is Driving Adoption

How Europe is Driving Adoption
  • Is Cryptocurrency in Europe becoming Bullish?
  • Europe thinks Crypto will become mainstream in the next 5 years

According to a poll by bitFlyer that sampled the thoughts and feeling of 10,000 participants across ten different countries in Europe has revealed a high percentage of Europeans who claim that cryptocurrencies aren’t just a ‘phase’.

Bullish in Europe

According to the details of the bitFlyer Google survey, just over 60 percent of Europeans think that cryptocurrencies will still exist by 2029.

Ten countries were involved in the poll including, France, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Holland, Italy and Norway. The latter of which showed the highest levels of confidence in cryptocurrencies as 73 percent believe digital currencies will still be around in a decade’s time.

Participants in France have the least confidence in crypto though with only 55 percent thinking that crypto will last another ten years.

On the whole, the results of bitFlyer’s Euro Poll are in line with the emerging sentiment of cryptocurrencies moving from hype to legitimate asset class. Earlier this month, a Twitter poll by IMF showed that more than half of the respondents said that cryptocurrencies will become mainstream within the next five years.

As reported by Bitcoinist:

“Since 2018, there has been a considerable uptick in institutional involvement in the cryptocurrency market. From endowment funds taking investment positions to multinational conglomerates looking to establish vital crypto-based services.”

The growing outlook on the next crypto bull run will occur on the back of a strengthened asset class as against the hype-driven speculative play that characterised the 2017 bull market.

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