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The new Bitwin24 blockchain lottery: Everything you need to know

The new Bitwin24 blockchain lottery: Everything you need to know

After the successful fundraising campaigns of several lotteries like True Flip, Tombola and Fire Lotto, blockchain lotteries are still not a decisive market factor. Traditional forms of lotteries are vastly dominating the sector, with online lotteries trailing behind them. Despite the apparent advantages blockchain can introduce to the sector, such platforms have not yet managed to even scratch the surface - the technology remains vastly misunderstood due to its complexity and the fact that it does not align with the interests of some industry leaders. Blockchain fundamentally changes the way data transaction work and takes away the one-sided power through the elimination of informational asymmetries. This enables the technology to disrupt existing industries that operate centrally and are thus subjective to manipulation. 

So how can blockchain lotteries gain the attention they deserve and position themselves as the standard in the sector? Turns out that there is already a prospective blockchain project that has a plan of achieving this - and it is about to make its plans a reality. 

BitWin24: the basics you need to know

BitWin24 is the first blockchain lottery powered by its own blockchain that combines master nodes, a Proof-of-Stake system, a transparent draw mechanism, an innovative referral program and a continuous airdrop system that passively rewards early adopters with a percentage of all winnings in the ecosystem. BitWin24 determines the winners based on a randomly chosen Bitcoin hash which is not known to any party, thus eliminating the possibility that the outcome of the draw is influenced in any way. Through its own proprietary developed blockchain, BitWin24 distributes the prizes among the winners and discloses all actions related to the funds acquired through ticket sales and how they are spent.

An innovative aspect about the BitWin24 lottery that makes it different from its competitors is the way they have structured their referral system. By introducing “win-chains”, everyone who recommends BitWin24 gets the status of an ambassador and acquires their own reward hierarchy. This allows them to earn a commission based on a percentage of the winnings made by their referrals. However, everyone who was referred by their direct referrals also yields them a fraction of their prizes as well, resulting in a potentially endless chain of passive income. This mechanism is aimed at greatly incentivizing the widespread worldwide adoption of the BitWin24 lottery, which enables scaling and synergy effects such as higher jackpots leading to a greater number of participants. 

Another very important feature of the BitWin24 ecosystem is the continuous airdrop system that gives early adopters a lifetime source of passive income. 10% of all proceedings collected through ticket sales and dedicated to the jackpots will be distributed among the airdrop participants, greatly incentivizing early investments. This is crucial for securing the critical mass of users for the BitWin24 ecosystem - not only do the jackpots increase with more users joining in, which attracts further participants, but it also gives a solid liquidity, allowing BitWin24 to have sufficient funds for the early expansion of their blockchain lottery. 

The project team recognizes the vital role master nodes will play in the ecosystem for the block validation of the proprietary developed blockchain that is handling all transactions and has decided to additionally reward all early master nodes with higher ROI and a greater share of each block validated. By providing additional incentives, BitWin24 will secure the technical infrastructure that is crucial for its ecosystem. 

Participating in the lottery is very easy and does not require any technical knowledge. Users can register through a web or a mobile app in less than 10 minutes and download the BitWin24 wallet which is very easy to set up. The entry in the lottery costs a fixed fee of 5,50 EUR which is discounted to 5 EUR if the user pays in BWI coins. 70% of the proceedings collected through ticket sales then flow to the prize pools, while the remaining 30% are invested in social projects and in the expansion of the BitWin24 ecosystem. Additionally to the traditional cryptocurrency payment methods, users can pay in FIAT with credit card, apple pay and direct debit. 

Blockchain investment with special early-mover bonuses

Participants in the BitWin24 ecosystem can earn through various ways - by winning the jackpots, referring BitWin24 and benefiting from the win-chains, becoming master node owners, getting access to the continuous airdrop system as early adopters and using the BWI coin as long-term investment method. No other blockchain lottery on the market today offers that degree of diversification, making BitWin24 exceptionally lucrative for a large target group - from professional and casual investors, gamblers, and even IT companies.

The BitWin24 sale will be conducted in three rounds with different bonuses on each one, favoring early adopters with ~10% bonus coins on their investment, access to the exclusive airdrop system rewarding first movers with a lifetime source of passive income. The private sale has already been sold out and with the pre-sale now ongoing in full steam, the additional bonuses will be available for a limited time. Keep in mind that the access to the airdrop system will be granted only to those who invested prior to June 2020 or as long as the capacity allows it, so make sure you secure yours before it's too late.

The revolution of lotteries approaches

BitWin24 is among those that greatly rewards its early contributors due to their vital role for the future development of its ecosystem. With their own technical infrastructure, transparent draws, guaranteed payouts and multiple reward mechanisms, BitWin24 is equipped with the knowledge and resources to become the first blockchain lottery with a worldwide acceptance that will pave the way for the future of the sector. If you want to learn more on how you can become one and benefit from the multiple bonuses, make sure to visit the project’s website

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