Polychain backed - Alpha5 Launching Soon, Focused on Crypto Futures Swaps, Exotics & Better Liquidation Methods

Polychain backed - Alpha5 Launching Soon, Focused on Crypto Futures Swaps, Exotics & Better Liquidation Methods

- Alpha5 is launching its private beta featuring perpetual swaps, futures, and futures swaps in May 

- Executive team is built with talent from top financial institutions 

- A5T will become the world's first insurance fund-linked token, will be mined by trading activity 

LONDON, UK -- Alpha5, a new cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives platform, has just come out of stealth to engage with select counterparties on how it will change the landscape of the cryptocurrency derivatives trading world. Founded by Vishal Shah, who has an extensive derivatives trading background at various financial firms, Alpha5 bundles a measured study of various market conditions, and extends new functionality that goes beyond existing platforms.  

"I have been working in this industry for a long time, and I still see so much opportunity being squandered today," says Shah. "We are in a time and place where there is an unprecedented amount of data at our fingertips, but the tools we have to harness and implement that data, in order to profit from the analysis of it, are far too limited. Alpha5 is tackling that discrepancy." 

Alpha5 also features talent and experience hailing from renowned institutions like the CME Group, RBS, and the Indian Institute of Technology. Shah and his team recognized that the cryptocurrency derivatives market is still not as sophisticated as the global derivatives market despite the effort and products produced so far by legacy firms. With a technology offering that will ring familiar to those provided by onshore exchanges, Alpha5 is building an entirely new risk system with a vision to enhance and build new, multi-dimensional derivative products including: 

- Using lower, responsible leverage and using liquidation methods that benefit traders and limit market impact 

- Futures swaps integrated in all orderbooks for seamless trading, rolling positions, and increased liquidity 

- Digital and other exotic options for set-and-forget trades and pre-determined risk & reward 

- An incredibly fast and agile infrastructure, that is intuitive to use, and allows for tailored sophistication 

Alpha5 is also introducing A5T, the world’s first token that provides a transparent net asset value while still allowing holders to benefit from the expansion of the ecosystem. A5T's utility is also anticipated to be extended to be used as collateral, staked to reduce taker fees, while mechanisms such as revenue buy & burn and trade-driven mining will allow for incentive-based distribution. 

Alpha5's roadmap includes a private beta launch in May 2020, and the platform will be fully live in Summer 2020.  





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