BlockConf Digital reshapes the conference experience with its unique virtual networking platform

BlockConf Digital reshapes the conference experience with its unique virtual networking platform

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 FAS | Fintech Advisory Services and STO Managers are bringing blockchain conferences to the new level with their 48 hours non-stop BlockConf Digital. Influencers, industry experts, researchers, and blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in one digital venue to exchange knowledge, ideas, and drive the technology adoption further.

The virtual conference hall will open on May 25th at 9AM (+8GMT) and BlockConf Digital will be on for 48hs non-stop. Attendees will be able to access online stages with top-tier speakers like Adam Back, Peter McCormack, Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, Dan Held, speakers from RSK, Binance, Kraken, AVA Labs, Dash, Decred, BeQuant, EXMO, Maker DAO, Edge, and from other well-known companies. Visitors will also be able to meet companies' representatives at virtual booths’ video chat rooms, participate in e-workshops, network at e-coffee break rooms, schedule private meetings at VIP e-meeting rooms, and participate in other online activities that will be available at the platform.

"We are very excited to see the transformation and how fast the conference market is adapting to the new scenario. BlockConf DIGITAL is our 2 cents to join that trend and also going further with a whole new concept of online networking." Juan Manuel Domínguez, the organiser at BlockConf DIGITAL

"BlockConf Digital is our way to bring networking back to the community and entirely reshape the conference format. We welcome blockchain veterans, as well as newcomers as this blend, can move the technology adoption further." Elena Obukhova, organizer of BlockConf DIGITAL

The virtual conference hall can be accessed from your laptop, PC, and smartphone.

Register at to get your access to the e-venue, limited early bird tickets are still available.

To stay tuned you can visit the website  to get the daily updates on speakers and follow the social media to get all the conference news.

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