How Ripple Is Taking Over The US

How Ripple Is Taking Over The US
  • XRP was only second to Bitcoin in terms of US search last year
  • Ripple is still a long way behind Bitcoin

According to a Google Trends last year, the number of United States users that searched for the term ‘how to buy Ripple’ was a lot more than the number of people that were asking ‘how to buy Bitcoin’. The main thing that this shows us is that Ripple is gaining a lot more traction than we previously thought when it comes to mainstream adoption.

Even so, Google users interested in cryptocurrency from outside the US searched more frequently for information in regards taking up a position in the current number one digital asset by market capitalisation than they did for buying XRP.

With all this in mind, the just the term ‘Bitcoin’ outperformed ‘XRP’ on both a global scale and in the US. So maybe the long-awaited flippening that XRP enthusiasts are looking forward to might have to wait for a little bit longer.

So it seems that it’s only a matter of time before the famous payment protocol replaces Bitcoin and becomes the leading digital asset by market cap. Granted this might be a bit of a stretch but those who are part of the dedicated community for XRP, they have been denouncing Bitcoin as an outdated technology.

For the Ripple community, Bitcoin is old and weary when you compare it its rivals. Based on the potentially increased utility, many more transaction per second provide, large numbers of folks are banking on XRP one day outperforming Bitcoin in terms of market cap.

Even though XRP is a somewhat controversial currency, it is still a long way behind Bitcoin in terms of total size of market. There is one factor that Ripple seems to be outperforming BTC on though and that is Google.

A former engineer at Coinbase, Preethi Kasireddy took to Twitter to highlight some of the Google Trends of 2018:

Although this is misleading since this is only based on users in the US and not the whole world.  

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