Italian Bank Sella adopting crypto transaction with Hype platform

Italian Bank Sella adopting crypto transaction with Hype platform

The banking system revolution also passes through digital currencies, Italy is blocked and everyone is trapped in the country, Italy's Banco Sella has launched a Bitcoin transaction service. The first Bitcoin buying and selling service offered by a challenger bank as a total wallet on the blockchain, a transaction must be authorized by one or more keys, generally in the possession of the user or the exchange, or wallet on which the operation is ordered.

It is reported that the transaction is conducted through the bank's Hype platform, and the bank acts as an intermediary to reduce the potential security risks of cryptocurrency transactions. HYPE has more than 1 million Italians user that will currently use Banca Stella's for cryptocurrency transactions and paying for goods and services with cryptocurrencies. The service is realized thanks to the integration of the innovative technology of Conio, the Italian fintech it has known to stand out on the international scene for simplicity, speed, and safety.

The HYPE Bitcoin service was created thanks to the integration of the technology developed by the Milanese startup Conio.

Christian Miccoli, co-founder and CEO of Conio, underlined that to use the new service it will not be necessary to present additional documents or complete further Know Your Customer processes:

"The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin market, in particular, advances to push industry especially among the public that constitutes our customer base, by definition young and smart and who, frequently, expects to be able to access this world through the tool that daily they use to manage money. What why the company needs to adapt breve new solution to survive in this bear market , That is why HYPE Bitcoin is a proposal that fits perfectly both with the curiosity of those who want to approach and experience access to the world of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency and with the needs of a more public. professional."

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