Coronavirus is Good News for a Few Bitcoin Holders, See Why.

Coronavirus is Good News for a Few Bitcoin Holders, See Why.

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Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, is no longer a negligible topic, now has effected 120,000 people and caused 4,000+ deaths in the outbreak. Some researchers have estimated that Covid-19 could grow to infect 60% of the world’s population, and this would be enough to cause millions of deaths.

Coronavirus is causing panic. A circuit breaker halts S&P 500 trading for the first time since 1997. Coronavirus can be a more significant event that causes a higher impact than bitcoin halving.

When the risk comes, where is the opportunity? Though the deadly coronavirus is harmful to the man, it can be good news for crypto traders.

Why Bitcoin Will Get Benefits

Firstly, the fatality of coronavirus is way yet too underestimated all over the world but it will probably ultimately spread all over the world. The US stock market shows a volatile performance, more unstable than the crypto market.

Below is how the Hong Kong stock market was influenced by SARS, another coronavirus outbreak in 2002-2004, killed 774 while COVID-19 has killed 5 times of that already.

(Hong Kong stock market’s Hang Seng Index records showing the impact of SARS, Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Secondly, bitcoin plays a role as a hedge asset when wars and disasters happen. We can expect more capital flooding in to gain profits to cover loss from traditional investments. New investment funds will make the market base more substantial.

Thirdly, bitcoin trading is tax-free in most situations, it works like a 401k account. With Coinbase, unless your investment amount in a year exceeds 20 thousand dollars you won’t be taxed. In many other outside-US crypto trading platforms, papers are not fully compliant. Cryptocurrency is another realistic investment option for USA citizens when the US stock market sees a historical big fall lately.

So, how to turn coronavirus into good news for you?

How to Gain Monetary Profits from the Public Epidemic

First of all, let us clarify that we do wish to pray away coronavirus and all the people are blessed. However, we need to act to gain more to avoid losing more.

The core strategy is to buy in bitcoin and increase its investment power to take advantage of the market fluctuation whenever it goes up or down.

The tool you need to increase the investment power is leveraged trading, which enables you to invest a small amount to open a large position. For example, if you invest 1 BTC, a 100x leverage can create a 100 BTC position with 1 BTC as a margin. You will gain profits from the market upon the 100x position of 100 BTC.

The coronavirus outbreak will be worldwide and the market will attract new funds to give bitcoin more substantial value to rise.

How to Deploy and Earn from 100x Crypto Trading

The 100x trading tool can be found from Bexplus, a crypto trading platform focused on 100x crypto futures. Bexplus is established in late 2017 and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Bexplus has offices in Singapore, Japan, the US and Brazil and is constantly expanding worldwide.

With Bexplus, users can open unlimited large positions valued from 0.1 BTC - 200 BTC which requires 0.0001 BTC - 2 BTC as margin.

Step 1: Create a Bexplus account in 30 seconds. Bexplus do not demand any personal details except an email address. Verify an email to make all features available to you.

Step 2: Learn 100x trading rules with the 10 BTC practice funds in the demo account. You can trade like a real trader but the profits can not be withdrawn. There is one rule of investment: every second you spend less on practice will a penny you will earn. Be patient and make sure you have understood how to build your insights with the bitcoin ticker.

Step 3: Make a deposit and do real trades. Bexplus accepts bitcoin transaction to the balance automatically, your balance will be updated immediately once blockchain nodes confirm. Trade in small bits frequently in the beginning, when the time of opportunity comes, you will have sufficient trading experience.

Step 4: Follow the coronavirus stats and predict when to short or long bitcoin. Coronavirus will cause big plunge or rise frequently, every time the bitcoin prices dance wildly, use 100x trading power to maximize your profit power. Remember to set up a stop-loss on your positions to automatically prevent unacceptable loss.

Step 5: Withdraw your profit. The withdrawal will go under a review procedure but will not ask you for anything but an email confirmation. Normally it will be finished in 30 minutes but up to 12 hours in rare cases.

100% Deposit Bonus

Bexplus is running a 100% deposit bonus promotion which adds the same amount to your balance as your deposit. Users can deposit 1 BTC to receive 2 BTC in the balance. Please take in mind that the bonus itself can not be withdrawn, but you can withdraw the profit it generates.

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