XX Network Launches Referral Sale 

XX Network Launches Referral Sale 

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  • xx coin has launched its referral sale.
  • The token is built on the privacy-focused and censorship-resistant xx network blockchain.

xx coin, a quantum-secure digital-currency powering private, scalable, and truly decentralized exchange of value and information has launched its referral sale.

The token is built on the privacy-focused and censorship-resistant xx network blockchain. The referral sale has been created to encourage investors and anyone with concerns over privacy and censorship to participate in the project and get an early stake in the xx network.

The xx network combines technology developed by Elixxir and Praxxis, which are led by computer scientist and cryptographer David Chaum. The team behind xx network has also developed xx messenger, a truly private way for people to communicate online without their conversations and private data being farmed by huge centralised businesses like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Elixxir developed xx messenger after spotting a key gap in the market for a fully private messaging service.

A spokesperson for Elixxir said: 

“Our referral program will broaden the reach and appeal of xx messenger, and is designed to provide people with a safe alternative, truly decentralized messaging service, that provides all of the benefits of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but none of their pitfalls.

“We encourage anyone who values their online privacy to take a look and find out more about xx messenger.”

xx messenger passes all message and metadata through a ‘shredder’ which effectively stops any information about message content, and its underlying metadata — that is the time, date, place, and full background information about the message’s transmission — from ever being accessed, and effectively allows people to operate freely online.

Token price

The xx token is currently available at $0.35 per unit until 6pm (EST) Friday, February 21. The referral program will begin at 7pm (EST) Friday, February 21, and run for four weeks. Providing they meet the qualification requirements, community members can participate in the program by purchasing a minimum of $100 in XX tokens.

Following the purchase, they will receive an email with a unique referral code.

Early supporters will receive 20 bonus tokens, plus two percent in tokens per referral, based on the number of tokens the person they referred purchases.

Anyone buying tokens after Thursday will receive 15 tokens plus one percent per referral.

Once the referral period ends on March 20 the price of the token will rise to $0.36.

Privacy at its heart

The xx coin was designed in response to growing public concerns over privacy. Elixxir uses a unique process to shred user metadata. 

Ownership and control of the xx network will be widely distributed to people all over the world with no private venture backing. The initial distribution of the coin will be via an ERC-1404 smart contract to non-U.S. persons. 

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