Discover Business.Club - The Cryptocurrency Wallet with Integrated Social Network and Countless Profits

Discover Business.Club - The Cryptocurrency Wallet with Integrated Social Network and Countless Profits

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If you’re looking for a genuine digital wallet that offers an excellent social network, allows you to store your crypto-assets safely, give you a debit card, and provides a great cryptocurrency, then Business.Club is the platform to be. 

Getting Started on Business.Club

Once you join the Business.Club platform, you get an Active Wallet, which, unlike the conventional cryptocurrency wallets, gives you the opportunity to multiply your funds. This is possible thanks to the Business Club Token (BCT). 

As a holder of BCT tokens, you have the opportunity to transact within the platform. Some of the privileges available include purchasing data storage space and transferring bandwidth. Besides, you can buy advertisement space, tip other participants and even transfer funds from one individual user to another on the same platform quite easily and fast.

Benefits of the Active Wallet

The active Wallet on Business.Club platform comes with the following benefits:

Increased profits

The Active Wallet operates non-stop, and this allows you to increase your earnings once your BCT tokens are stored in the wallet. The platform charges a small commission for every transaction using BCT.

Additionally, if you spend your BCT tokens within and outside the platform, the community generates a profit for Business.Club, as the purchased BCT tokens return to the company. BCT holders on the platform then share a percentage of the generated profit. Therefore, the more BCT tokens you own and transfer, the more profits you can claim from your Active Wallet.

You Can Use the Business.Club Visa Debit Card

As the world shifts focus on accommodating digital currencies alongside fiat money, Business.Club allows you to buy, sell, store, and use both your digital and fiat currencies anywhere across the globe. 

Importantly, Business.Club is the first platform to issue debit cards that support both crypto and fiat currencies. If you buy BCT tokens and store them for at least six months in your Active Wallet, you are qualified to receive a Business.Club payment card.

Additionally, once your BCT tokens are in the Active Wallet, they generate a profit that increases each day. So, at the expiry of 180 days, you are eligible to receive a debit card. Besides, the Leaf Green Visa card is available for registered users for free. They only need to create a wallet on the platform, verify themselves, and wait for the card to arrive.

Unlimited Transfer with Less Fees

As a user on the Business.Club platform, you can transfer any amount of BCT you wish. However, the platform levies a small fee of 0.25% of the amount you transfer, but it doesn’t go beyond 1 BCT. The same charge applies to each transaction conducted in BCT. One of the plans is to cut down the symbolic fee to 0.005% once the token supply stops. 

Supports a Variety of Coins

The Active Wallet accommodates a variety of digital currencies in addition to the BCT token. Some of the supported coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Ripple, Tether, and Litecoin. The wallet plans to add more coins in the future.

Easy Conversion of Digital Assets

Business.Club allows you to easily change your cryptocurrencies using the Active Wallet converter. The platform has collaborated with ShapeShift and CoinPayments to assist in the conversions. All pairs with BCT are free, while the other conversions attract a fee of 3% on the converted amount. All the conversions happen instantly.

Business Social Network

To take care of your social network needs, Business.Club is the first platform that offers users the opportunity to meet and greet other successful people in the same industry. This enables them to grasp new ideas and techniques to grow their businesses and increase their capital.

A Transparent Platform

Business.Club is a blockchain-based platform. Therefore, users are able to view every transaction that happens on the platform, including the smallest one. The address empowers users to see the platform’s full list of transactions.

Referral Program

Finally, yet importantly, the platform runs a referral program that allows clients to invite others to store their BCT tokens into the Active Wallet. New users can create an account using the referral link or usernames of their referral leaders. Consequently, the leader makes some income out of this. 

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