Why do rating scores matter so much in the crypto world?

Why do rating scores matter so much in the crypto world?

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Unlike other industries, the crypto world is a very transparent one. As its core philosophy comes from the most popular blockchain-based projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s no wonder that these projects are being developed in such open communities. Anyone willing to participate can join and propose their improvements and upgrades for networks. This was, after all, the vision of Satoshi, the original Bitcoin developer, who wanted complete transparency for blockchain technologies. In addition to the publicly available code, many crypto and blockchain projects have public ledgers of all their transactions along with whitepaper documents with detailed descriptions of their projects. 

All this transparency is necessary since many projects are getting funding for development by conducting initial coin offerings (ICO). That means that somebody has to invest based only on ideas or by looking at a minimum viable product (MVP). After fundraising, projects have to continue informing their investors about their progress and maintain a good reputation.

Various crypto ratings to inform you

As an individual, it can be difficult to keep track of all projects out there, but luckily there are a lot of crypto rating sites that can help you make a decision on whether to buy or sell the various projects’ tokens. 

Source: weisscrypto.com

One of the most famous ratings platforms is Weiss Crypto Rating, a reputable agency providing ratings for stocks and other assets on a global scale. They started to publish crypto ratings at the end of 2017 and currently they have 125 coins and tokens in their ratings. 

Another well-known rating report is published by China’s Center for Information and Industry Development. It features 35 coins, with EOS leading the pack. Nobody knows their criteria, but some projects get a lower basic-tech score despite being more advanced than the other projects getting a higher score. 

We can’t overlook Xangle, a disclosure platform for retail and institutional players.  It contains information about listings, partnerships, new updates, and it gathers on-chain data from all available blockchains. It’s entrusted by such exchanges as Bithumb, and it has the reputation of keeping an unbiased stance toward all projects, so it’s a mark of high quality when any project gets a high score. 

One of such projects is Max Crowdfund, which got a perfect score of 63/63 recently, being the first project to achieve this on Xangle. It scored so high because of their complete transparency, providing all information about their finances, management, and working practices. 

“We wish that all companies would provide information so openly and transparently. Max Property Group should be the benchmark for disclosure in the blockchain space,” says Hae Min Park, Managing Director of Xangle.

Source: xangle.io

To provide such information, the team at Max Property Group had to go through a due-diligence process by Xangle. As a result, the Due Diligence Report will be available to all Xangle-partnered exchanges, which will help the project in the listing process. 

There are several reputable projects reviewed by Xangle, such as Ardor, Aeternity, IOTA, Binance Coin, and Bancor, but none of them achieved a perfect score yet, unlike Max Crowdfund. With such a high score the company has set the bar very high, and it is to be seen whether other companies will follow this exemplary way of providing an insight in their operations and finances.

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