Korean Blockchain Start-up set to lead blockchain mass adoption

Korean Blockchain Start-up set to lead blockchain mass adoption

Even after months after the blockchain craze, there are a limited number of DApps (Decentralized applications) and mainnets (blockchain platform) that provides an immediate benefit to users. Until users can easily migrate from non-blockchain applications to blockchain-based DApps, blockchain industry will halt in its growth. 

NBIT Korea, Co. Ltd. is a blockchain startup based in Seoul that started its ‘Blockchain Renaissance Project’ in 2017. Their goal was to resolve the technical issues that halts the blockchain’s mass adoption. After years of development and research, the team has issued four different patents on blockchain private hosting, blockchain-based secure payment, and IoT security. 

Recently, NBIT Korea’s CEO and Founder Sangsoo Lee participated in few conferences in Seoul and Vietnam. He said, “There are a multitude of companies claiming to provide the next generation of BaaS services. We think differently. NBIT Korea will be the forefront leader in this industry. Our BaaS 3.0 service will be scalable, secure, and novel.” 

NBIT Korea also had a change in their core team. Their partner company’s CEO, has joined forces with the team. Youngsung Chong, CEO of a global blockchain consulting firm Dream Chain International, joined NBIT Korea as their new COO. Now NBIT Korea’s blockchain project OASCHAIN is to enter its next phase of development. 

Youngsung said, “OAS CHAIN’s team has done an amazing job in finding a solution to the current issues that blockchain projects have. My goal with the team is to lead the blockchain’s mass adoption through OAS CHAIN.” Youngsung is in charge of OAS CHAIN’s next phase of development, which include its own launch of a scalable and interoperable mainnet along with all the key features that the team has developed. 

OASCHAIN’s native token OAS will be listed on ABCC and Bit-Z cryptocurrency exchange by early December. The development team is keen on launching their services by mid 2020.

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