DeversiFi CEO On The Advantages Over Major Platforms

DeversiFi CEO On The Advantages Over Major Platforms
  • Will Harborne recently sat down in a new interview.
  • The former project lead at Bitfinex talked about all the significant advantages of using non-custodial platforms.

Will Harborne, the co-founder and CEO of DeversiFi recently sat down with CryptoSlate in a new interview.

The former project lead at the digital asset platform Bitfinex and blockchain consultant at IBM, talked about all the significant advantages of using a non-custodial platform such as DeversiFi to trade cryptocurrencies, rather than using more traditional platforms. 

One of the more interesting questions Harborne was asked was what the advantages are of using DeversiFi to trade crypto assets, rather than of other major platforms.

“We’re proud to bring a number of competitive advantages to DeversiFi, making it an attractive exchange for traders of all levels.

Firstly, our unique platform allows traders to access deep liquidity pools from both centralized and decentralized exchanges from the security of their privately owned wallets, preserving the self-custody and control that sits at the heart of DeFi whilst also going some way in solving the barriers to adoption for traditional DEXs.

In the past, a trader had to make a choice between risking security and control for speed and liquidity or vice versa. They no longer need to make that choice with DeversiFi. In line with this, DeversiFi is incorporating features that reflect those of existing exchanges, including decentralized margin and lending, order options as well as Over-the-Counter functionality for larger trades.”

He continued, saying:

“Secondly, we have worked hard to build a decentralized exchange that doesn’t just compete with existing large exchanges in terms of speed and liquidity, but also with innovative features that bring decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain’s main innovations into practical use.

DeversiFi’s native utility token is Nectar, which entitles holders to up to 20 percent DeversiFi fee discounts while, perhaps most excitingly, giving holders and the wider community of developers and value creators the space to part-control the future of DeversiFi through the NecDAO; which as of 2019 will be the largest dexDAO ever created.

This provides a distinct advantage to DeversiFi as opposed to the majority of existing exchanges, as it tangibly empowers traders to develop and guide aspects of their exchange the way they see fit, instead of depending on a small group of over-stretched founders to tell them what they want.”

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