Bitcoin Black Friday Makes its Debut in Margin Trading

Bitcoin Black Friday Makes its Debut in Margin Trading

[Reporter] Bex500 debuts a Bitcoin Black Friday sale that gives traders “0” maker and taker fee on black Friday.

Users of Bex500 awoke to the news that they have gained a special offer on black Friday with Zero taker and maker fee. Enrollment is open to new users with simple registration by email to [email protected]. All exchange’s supported cryptos – BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC are included in the “0% trading fee black Friday sale”.

Bex500 claims to be the first crypto exchange to pioneer Bitcoin Black Friday sales, but said it was a symbolic gesture for more attention to bitcoin derivatives, and an advocation for a secured and fair crypto derivative market.

Less Cost, More Margin, Better Risk Control

With more than 60,000-BTC trading volume over the last 24H, Bex500 has ranked top 5 margin trading exchanges. As a major player in the game, Bex500 is an alternative to BitMex with its uninterrupted service during high demand in extreme volatility.

“0 trading fee” only lasts for one day in Bex500. Although 0 costs can lead to more available margin, “risk and position management” is the foundation for profits.

In their trading handbook, Bex500 explained that, 100x leverage is a double sward. “Black Friday Sales”, is not an encouragement for frequent trading. You can conquer the gladiatorial battle with better risk management including “SL/TP” and position control (the percentage of capital you put down). 

More Risk Management Focused

Bitcoin derivative market is increasingly competitive, while most exchanges are boasting about their high leverage and suspected to counter trade against clients, Bex500 takes a more professional approach – enable more risk control tools and educate their traders to control their positions, and lock in positions in time.

A comprehensive trading academy on their website covers from basic trading rules to advanced technologies. 

In Bex500, you can set up SL/TP afterwards and don’t have to later set up numerous additional trades just to act as take profit and stop loss. “Locked position” is also available for scalping trading.

Traders can be confident their investment is secured with most comprehensive risk control methods in Bex500.

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