MimbleWimble Projects Grin, Beam And Epic Cash An In-depth Comparison

MimbleWimble Projects Grin, Beam And Epic Cash An In-depth Comparison

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What is MimbleWimble?- Via Wikipedia

Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol created to improve privacy, fungibility, and scalability of blockchains. It was published on July 19, 2016 under the pseudonym "Tom Elvis Jedusor" which is the French name of Voldemort from Harry Potter.

I am not going to go into the background of what is MimbleWimble is but if you are interested please watch the video by the legendary developer Andrew Poelstra explains MimbleWimble in detail.

In My Opinion, 2019 Will Be Remembered as the Year of MimbleWimble in the World of Crypto.

While speculators are arguing over which of their altcoins are the best, the MimbleWimble community continues to grow. There are plenty of people who think privacy and fungibility are a top priority in money. If I had to pick one feature I do not like about Bitcoin, it is transparency. I for one prefer my money to be private.

A Comparison of Grin, Beam and Epic Cash All of Which Use the MimbleWimble Protocol.

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The Monetary Policy of the MimbleWimble Coins.

  1. Grin- Inflationary, this MimbleWimble cryptocurrency has an infinite supply. 60 Grin per block, every minute forever.
  2. Epic Cash- Deflationary, this MimbleWimble cryptocurrency has adopted the economics of Bitcoin starting off at 16 Epic per 1-minute block.
  3. Beam- Deflationary, this MimlbeWimble cryptocurrency is similar to Bitcoins with 10X the blocks currently at 40 per 1- minute block.

How are Grin, Epic Cash and Beam Funded?

  1. Grin- No ICO, No Pre-Mine and No Token Sale to Investors. This is a 100% community funded project.
  2. Epic Cash- No ICO, No Pre-Mine and no Token Sale to Investors. 8.8% of mining decreasing by 1% annually, contributions go to the non-profit educational organization Epic Blockchain Foundation for the development and promotion of the project.
  3. Beam- No ICO or Pre-Mine but they did raise money privately for the Beam Foundation which will support maintenance and further development of Beam. There is a Dev tax of 20% per block.

Do You Want to Know More About the MimbleWimble Coins? Then Watch my Video I Made Comparing Grin, Epic Cash and Beam. Or go directly to the graphic on Reddit.

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