Making Security A Priority - Why You Should Get Involved With Barginex (SPONSORED)

Making Security A Priority - Why You Should Get Involved With Barginex (SPONSORED)

Increasing interest in bitcoin and alt-coins due to the global crisis in many parts of the world has shifted towards the margin, which has led to the opening of many margin platforms and even evolving exchanges into platforms where they open margin transactions. 

Founded in 2018 and started operations in February 2019, Barginex caught the market from a different side with its user-friendly interface and more than 50+ pairs, Civic and Hydro integrations. 

Currently offering to trade on a variety of selected commodities, including cryptocurrency, Barginex also provides access to real-time market data, 200x leverage, high liquidity, and trade analysis tools blockchain-based security, which is accessible through over 150 nations. 

Barginex is popular among users, especially with the opening of bitcoin to important commodities such as Gold and Silver, and Copy trade is one of the features that distinguishes Barginex from other platforms. 

Why should you get involved with Barginex? 

Now we've outlined the basics, let's get into the good stuff about why you should start using the Barginex platform. 


For Barginex, security is a big deal. In order to provide users with secure trading service, Barginex needs its users to have their email and password as well as their authenticator options (if any). 

Furthermore, users of the platform will receive a so-called 'negative balance protection' as well as 'copy trade features.' 

On top of this, here are some other security features worth mentioning: 

  • For their security, users can opt in to use either the Google 2FA or Hydro Raindrop 2FA. 
  • No third party is involved with the platform. 
  • As it is the first-ever platform to utilize blockchain-based security, Barginex uses security systems like the Civic Key Integration used in the process of Know-Your-Customer (KYC), which we will go into now. 

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The Barginex platform wants its users to make transactions and open a position on the platform as easy as possible. This means the exchange needs KYC for if there is any unusual activity or if a transaction is more than five Bitcoin. 

One of Barginex's partners is the blockchain-based identity services firm, Civic, whose motto is "A safe identity for everyone." 

24/7 Service 

Being able to deposit at any time of day is a must for crypto enthusiasts, that's why Barginex can both deposit and withdraw currency 24/7. The platform further allows users to deposit their assets without any extra needed approval. If you need help with anything then 'don't worry as a 24/7 support service has been set up for the exchange to answer any users needs. In the 'FAQ's link on the website, you can find the answer to most questions but for anything more than don't worry as you can get in touch with the customer support team who will answer any and all questions as best they can. 


On top of all this, there is a markets tab on the site which gives users the chance to look into various different markets including, Forex, Commodities, indices and of course, Cryptocurrency. 

With trade positions, Barginex ensures that they are completed as quickly as possible. This happens regardless of their size and more time than not will result in almost instant trade positions. 

Of course, this instant feature is backed for several reasons, including: 

  • The trade holds no boundaries when it comes to size 
  • The overall liquidity is built up from six different suppliers 
  • By using the stock, forex, index, and crypto markets, users of the platform can open positions by depositing bitcoin. 'It's worth mentioning that the exchange offers fifty pairs. 

Barginex recently announced an ambassador program and is accepting applications from ambassadors from all over the world. You can sign up for the program from the link. Barginex will change its interface in line with the demands of its users and will soon be in usage with its new vision. As Barginex says on its website, "we hope to make our user's life easier and wealthy."

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