Digitex Reopens Waitlist of 1.5 million, Starts 5 Million DGTX Airdrop Competition

Digitex Reopens Waitlist of 1.5 million, Starts 5 Million DGTX Airdrop Competition

Crypto futures exchange Digitex announced on September 9 that it has reopened its waitlist to new traders. As part of its efforts to build momentum leading up to a beta release, it will also launch a major token giveaway for users in specific markets. Here are all the details. 

Digitex Testnet Launch and Previous Waitlist Signup Period

CryptoDaily reported back in August that Digitex plans to launch the public testnet for its zero-fee crypto futures trading platform on November 30. The testnet launch is expected to be capable of handling up to 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), and 10,000 or more users at once. 

Digitex is also targeting the release to a broad global user base. So far, the company has translated its website into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian to allow a larger base of users from around the world to access the site in their native language.

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Prior to the testnet launch announcement, the exchange had accumulated over 1.5 million signups on its waitlist. Since April, the waitlist has been closed to new users. However, on September 9, the exchange released a statement saying that it has reopened the waitlist to new signups for the upcoming testnet release.

DGTX Giveaway Competition

As part of the giveaway competition, Digitex is rewarding users who sign up for the testnet waitlist. For this marketing campaign, the exchange is giving away a total of 5 million DGTX tokens to waitlist signees. 

The competition token giveaway will be distributed to Digitex supporters in China, Japan, Korea, Russia, and English-speaking regions. Rather than a lottery, Digitex is running the giveaway as a referral competition to reward participants who refer the most new signups to the waitlist. 

During the previous global waitlist campaign, signees also competed to win DGTX tokens. 100,000 DGTX have been earmarked for each of the top 10 referrers and a further 1,000 DGTX for each of the top 10,000. Rewards from these waitlist campaigns will be distributed via airdrop to each winner’s Digitex Futures exchange accounts when the platform launches its mainnet. 

The Digitex mainnet launch date hasn’t been locked down yet but will take place after the public testnet phase.

Digitex CMO Lidia Yadlos, who is in charge of the waitlist campaign said, “As well as participating in a waitlist competition and winning free DGTX by referring friends, those who sign up will receive all the latest updates and news about the project. Commission-free trading is a massive pull in itself. But many of the additional features Digitex will offer, such as the one-click ladder trading interface, will appeal to a broader base of international traders.”

Other Referral Campaigns In Crypto

Digitex’s waitlist airdrop campaign is following the industry standard for marketing to new traders. For instance, the ‘Binance Referral Program’ is an ongoing campaign to incentivize user base expansion. For many users, Binance’s program has been quite lucrative, with the top earner receiving over 1108 BTC. 

Similarly, BitMEX has an affiliate program that pays commissions and rewards discounts based on the amount of futures contracts traded. 

Like other exchanges, Digitex hopes that its giveaway will build upon the success of its previous waitlist campaign and create a large user base of active traders.

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