Unpopular Opinion, "Altseason Will Return"

Unpopular Opinion, "Altseason Will Return"

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We Keep Hearing That Bitcoin is Taking Over and the Altcoins are Doomed.

Well, I am going to be the bearer of an unpopular opinion, “Altseason will Return”. The Bitcoin Maximalists do no like this opinion. As a self-proclaimed blockchain agnostic, I believe that the crypto space will continue to evolve and bring us new tech and new altcoins

What I Think Some of the Reasons Bitcoin has Acted The Way it Has.

  1. The Bitcoin Bear Market is Over.
  2. Fearmongering of the Bitcoin Maximalist Crowd.
  3. Binance Closing Its Platform to US Traders

I Made a List of Altcoins That I Like But You Will Have to Watch the Video to Find Out Why.

  1. Flash
  2. Steem
  3. Halo Platform
  4. RavenCoin
  5. Decent.BET
  6. Holochain

Watch the Video.

DYOR or Do Your Own Research. I don’t trust opinions from other cryptocurrency writers, social media users and especially crypto Twitter. Spend time learning about the crypto projects you love. Don’t listen to others opinions only and don’t listen to me.

Some of the Upcoming Altcoins will Blow Our Minds. 

As I mentioned in the video I am super excited for the Mainnet release of Epic Cash. This project is, in my opinion, the most promising project to launch in 2019. It is a Proof of Work, MimbleWimble privacy coin. You can join the Epic Cash Telegram here.

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