Altcoin Magazine’s Bali Event Aims to Bring Crypto to a New Level

Altcoin Magazine’s Bali Event Aims to Bring Crypto to a New Level

Cryptocurrency and blockchain events are starting to become like a broken record of sorts as the same formula is being used for most conferences. But Altcoin Magazine is changing the old model in order to introduce something new.

The upcoming Altcoin Mastermind event in Bali aims to stage an event that will truly express creativity and innovation.

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The event will take place from September 4th-7th in the ever glamourous Bali. this exclusive event features the smartest and most creative minds from the blockchain space like Komodo, 21Cryptos, Bad Crypto Podcast, ReadySetCrypto, Fomohunt,, TraderCobb, Gilded, and the crypto personality, Michael Nye.

Posted in a Medium blog, Altcoin Magazine says:

“Current crypto gatherings waste a lot of time and money for those attending by serving up boring keynote speeches and hordes of booths that usually offer nothing of value. The result is that the primary reasons to attend a conference, networking with innovative people and discussing ways to push the boundaries of the blockchain and crypto ecosystem even farther, are totally ignored.”

So why not take a few days out for a breakaway in Bali to explore crypto and blockchain on a new level.

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