TEZOS Reaches Listing At Coinbase - Price Rises 25%

TEZOS Reaches Listing At Coinbase - Price Rises 25%

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While most of the crypto prices are moving sideways, one cryptocurrency breaks out of this trend. TEZOS (XTZ) is rising within the last hours by more than 25%. There's a reason for that: the cryptocurrency was listed on Coinbase Pro. The fact that the price is reacting so positively to new listings gives investors hope for a new bull run.

TEZOS (XTZ) price increase of short-term 30%

The crypto-exchange Coinbase has announced in a new blog entry to offer trading in the cryptocurrency TEZOS (XTZ) on Coinbase Pro. The following trading pairs should be available according to the press release:

  • XTZ / USD
  • XTZ / BTC

Crypto investors should be pleased that the price is so positive. During the long crypto-winter, even listings on the largest crypto exchanges had no effect on the price.

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Within hours, the price jumped from $1.03 to short-term $1.30 - an increase of almost 30 %. Meanwhile, the price seems to have settled at around $1.24. As a result of the price increase, TEZOS is in 16th place of all cryptocurrencies and is well on the way to entering the top 10.

From Monday, August 5, customers will have the opportunity to transfer XTZ to their Coinbase Pro account. Purchases and sales are not yet available at this time. The unrestricted trade date is currently not known. Coinbase also announces, due to many customer requests, to continue to include more cryptocurrencies on their platforms.

It was reported at the end of March that Coinbase is offering staking TEZOS (XTZ) for institutional investors. The interest of Coinbase in the cryptocurrency and the following listing was predictable.

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