CryptoDaily and Cointraffic Expand Cryptocurrency Alliance

CryptoDaily and Cointraffic Expand Cryptocurrency Alliance

SINGAPORE, June 1, 2019 -- CryptoDaily, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency and blockchain industry news website and media platform, announces that it has expanded its relationship with Estonia-based Cointraffic, a leading cryptocurrency advertising network that is trusted by more than 400 cryptocurrency-related websites.

Founded in 2017, CryptoDaily is an industry-leading, free-to-publish cryptocurrency news portal and has become the fastest-growing source for news discovery among its peers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Cointraffic offers many services to its clients including banner advertisements, native advertisements, press releases, and full marketing solutions tailored to meet their clients’ needs – all designed to establish unparalleled brand awareness. Since 2017, Cointraffic has even assisted more than 80 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects raise approximately US$ 800 million.

“Cointraffic’s ongoing success in providing a premium service and a suite of tools to companies involved in the cryptocurrency industry resonates with us as we continue to expand the range of solutions for readership,” said Pascal van Knijff, Chief Strategy Officer at CryptoDaily. “After studying their approaches to targeted digital marketing campaigns, performance tracking and analysis, and conversion optimisation, it quickly became apparent to CryptoDaily that Cointraffic is trusted by some of the most well-respected properties in the cryptocurrency industry for a simple reason: they deliver results. Accordingly, an expansion of our relationship was an easy decision,” he added.

CryptoDaily continues to broaden its reach in the cryptocurrency news industry, deriving robust growth in readership following its ongoing expansion of the services provided to its viewers. These additional services include more localised content in various languages, with Russian-language content having recently been added to CryptoDaily’s growth in Chinese- and Japanese-focused content. The company is already executing on plans to aggressively expand through the end of the year, with some very large launches planned over the next several weeks.

“The strengthening of our relationship with Cointraffic is quite timely given our ongoing growth spurt and the very exciting things we have in store over the coming weeks and months. The recent uptick in prices across the cryptocurrency complex has provided us with some interesting tailwinds as we expand our ties with Cointraffic and get set to release some innovative solutions. We are extremely gratified to be working with other industry professionals who deliver results,” Mr van Kniff stated.

Pascal van Knijff, Chief Strategy Officer
[email protected]

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