As The Bitcoin Price Came Up To The High Level: The Cryptocurrency Future Is Bright And We Are Just Getting Started

As The Bitcoin Price Came Up To The High Level: The Cryptocurrency Future Is Bright And We Are Just Getting Started

As the Bitcoin price came up to the high level: the cryptocurrency future is bright and we are just getting started.

 the upward rate is 71.3% and the $8908 price is the year to date high record. It is no doubt the crypto winter is past and the confidence is returning back to the market. Indeed, many professional analysts believe that the early stages of the next bull are coming.

A more positive environment in Crypto market

Unlike to the year 2017, the concept of Blockchain, especially Bitcoin which is regards as anchor currency in the cryptocurrency market become more famous to the world. In the past year, JP Morgan, Facebook which is the world well-known enterprises have got involved in this revolution. Several professionals and analysts make a prediction that the positive power or momentum has an enormous weight which will push the Blockchain industry and Bitcoin price to the higher level.

Canaccord Analysts has predicted Bitcoin price will return to $20K in 2021.

Winklevoss twins who are the famous Bitcoin billionaires estimated that the Bitcoin’s future market cap will be over $5 trillion by the year of 2028 to 2038. If the future market cap is reached to $5 trillion, the single Bitcoin will be around 240K

Similarly, Tim Draper who is one of the famous players in the bitcoin and blockchain area believes that the Bitcoin price will hit $250K in a shorter time, at the year of 2023.

If we assumed that the Bitcoin market can increase to the halfway of the price prediction, base to the present price-$8900, the cryptocurrency investors may have chance to 15x their holdings. The active traders may have the potential to earn more profit if they have proper trading tools, for example, Bitcoin futures products.

Bitcoin Futures rise up the profit level

Many sources have reported that in the bull market, it has huge profits from the crypto futures market. The futures products usually followed by up to 100x leverage which can bump up the initial investment power to 100 times. For example, Bexplus and Bitmex provide the 100x leverage Bitcoin futures product to help traders to accelerate the profitable speed. By the recently upward trend, a great number of traders have shared their successes in their social media in the past few weeks.

The next bull run- Not only Bitcoin but also the Altcoin

With the rise of the Bitcoin price, Ethereum and Litecoin have both increased by more than 62% and 48% from the beginning of May. The altcoin market has a great opportunity to maximize the profit from the uptrend market. Bitmex and Bexplus which are two of the most popular exchanges provide Altcoin futures products.

Compared to the Bitmex, the newcomer, Bexplus has the benefit of which can be seen in the enhanced quality of the platform’s technological infrastructure and smooth user interface. Most importantly, Bexplus provide 100x leverage in all mainstream cryptocurrency, include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. (Bitmex only provide 50x leverage in Ethereum and Litecoin Futures. It will cut out half of the possibility of the profit compared to 100x leverage from Bexplus). Furthermore, as a strong platform, Bexplus provide incomparable benefits to their users.

In conclusion

the general consensus of the market- the cryptocurrency future is bright and we are just getting started.

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