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Crypto Daily & Dragon Partnership

Crypto Daily & Dragon Partnership
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Here at Crypto Daily, we are always investigating and expanding into new areas as we look to develop high-quality partnerships. During this process, we were bound to make a few friends along the way as we have with Dragon who we have a real connection with when it comes to cryptocurrency.

This partnership has been developing behind the scenes for a few months now, so it feels terrific to announce that we have partnered with Dragon, creators of Dragon Coin, the world’s number one entertainment coin.

In an impressively short time compared to more established news sites, we have forged several strong connections to help us get the latest news out to you as quickly as possible including Google News, Steemit, News Now, Trading Views and more than 200 different cryptocurrency apps on the App Store and Google Play. So, it’s an absolute pleasure to now be able to add Dragon to that list.

Who are Dragon?

Dragon is the Worlds Number One Entertainment Coin, bridging the gap between traditional businesses and Blockchain innovation in this hyper-connected e-commerce era. Dragon is delivering a fast, low-cost service to both consumers and industry leaders across the Entertainment space.

Dragon is not just another crypto platform; they are a living ecosystem set out to work with key sectors across the entertainment industry, be that as evolving the traditional business practices through Blockchain innovation or B2B and B2C engagements. We have had a fascinating insight to Dragons overall plan and the many of verticals they have forged through some pretty impressive partnerships.  We will be working closing with the Dragon team as their main platform goes live and follow up with each of their connected verticals.

Capturing the attention of the Asian high roller demographic they are set for great things this year and will continue to build on their partnerships which will give them unparalleled access to a variety of vertical markets across the globe such as VIP/High-Roller gaming, e-gaming, sports, art and the wellness industry to name but a few.

This is only the beginning of a great partnership so make sure to keep an eye on out for Dragon who certainly have great things planned for the future, and it’s exciting to see what’s next, and we’ll be with them, every step of the way.

Dragon CEO Paul Moynan quotes Napoleon Hill when he says, "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

The CryptoDaily Manifesto

CryptoDaily’s Manifesto not only supports our vision but was created to shape our company culture.

Our core values, as mentioned in this manifesto, are the essence of our identity. our principles, our beliefs and our philosophy are all laid out in this manifesto. We want the “CryptoDaily Manifesto” to live and breathe through our people, contributors, creators and the blockchain community as a whole that we both love and support.  

  • CryptoDaily is one of the world's only top tier and free-to-publish crypto news sites and media networks. It will Always be free to contribute, consume and redistribute content on our platform.
  • We Believe in Building and supporting a global community with digital resources that are empowered by Blockchain.
  • We cover all the digital changes of the blockchain economy all across the globe and with this, Creative distribution of Content is what we are made to do.
  • Being a Dependable and reliable news source is crucial for us to remain relevant in the crypto space.
  • We strive to Empower & Enable the mass adoption of blockchain by Embodying our core values at all times.
  • We continuously Focus on our users and audience because we’re confident that the rest of the community will Follow.
  • We have a keen eye for localisation and we are sure that this is what will help us Grow.
  • Honesty, Honor and recognition of key achievements in our company, our community and the blockchain space as a whole is part of our modus operandi at CryptoDaily.

Being Curious and having the ability to Inspire as well as being Inspired is all part of our daily quest and is what drives us for continuous conversation.

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