Brian Wilson Meets Ian Richard At Anarchapulco 2019

Brian Wilson Meets Ian Richard At Anarchapulco 2019

Crypto Daily’s Brian Wilson was lucky enough to attend the 2019 Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico last month. The conference brought together a bunch of like minded libertarians in order to allow for open, honest and transparent debate within topics surrounding anarchy.

Of course, cryptocurrency falls into this - a decentralised form of value not owned or facilitated by banks or central governments, in it’s full essence, crypto is an anarchists dream which is why Anarchapulco hosted it’s very own crypto stage, featuring prolific individuals drafted in to discuss the beauty of crypto and blockchain technology.

We had the opportunity to meet some of these speakers, namely Ian Richard, behind the AGX Pay initiative, a contemporary payment system that makes cryptocurrency easier to use.

See more about AGX Pay here -

“Accessible and easy to use, AGX Pay goes where you go, working to build your future without putting the fear of exorbitant fees or restrictive regulations into your financial decisions. Whether it’s across the street or across the world, all transactions are private, secure, transparent, verifiable, and immutably notarized upon the blockchain.”

Take a look at the video to find out more about Ian and Brian’s experience at the event and gain some wonderful insight into Ian and his great work.

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