Want A Job In Bitcoin? Move To India

Want A Job In Bitcoin? Move To India

Though the legal status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in India is uncertain, it seems that the country is still very much on top of the blockchain recruitment game with tonnes of new crypto related jobs starting across many of the countries major cities.

This is a worldwide trend, though India stands out as the government is mostly anti-crypto, therefore it’s pretty interesting to see such a huge volume of blockchain jobs in the country regardless. We can’t help but wonder how secure some of these employees might feel, though I guess blockchain jobs do require a set of transferable skills and let’s face it, India aren’t going to outlaw cryptocurrency careers any time soon.

According to Bitcoin.com:

“Bengaluru is the number one city in India for crypto jobs, followed by Pune, the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai dropped from the second hottest place for crypto jobs last year to the seventh place this year.”

Money Control, a group that has recently carried out research into the crypto jobs market in India have said:

“Bengaluru maintained the lead as the city with the most jobs in the cryptocurrency field … Pune is followed by Hyderabad, Noida and Gurgaon, making up the top five destinations for crypto-careers in India.”

The Director of Indeed India, a job vacancy listing website has added:

‘Given the enormous scope of blockchain technology, crypto careers offer newer avenues to explore, provided one has the requisite skills. Demand for such skilled professionals has been steadily on the rise, as observed in 2018, with technology hubs such as Bengaluru and Hyderabad continuing to create the maximum number of opportunities.”

34% of Indian cryptocurrency job postings seem to be within Bengaluru, so we can safely assume that over time, Bengaluru is going to become somewhat of a business hub for crypto enthusiasts in the future.

What does this mean?

There’s a bigger picture to be explored here, that is within the idea that cryptocurrency is growing. This industry is more than just buying and selling Bitcoin, it’s developing an active workforce that can drive cryptocurrency adoption, even in areas that are providing big challenges to the legality of Bitcoin. It’s fascinating to see and it’s promising, promising very big things, from a workforce that is growing by the day.

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