The Detailed Guide To Understand Bitcoin Futures

The Detailed Guide To Understand Bitcoin Futures

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  • Including to commodities or equities, Futures contract is advance trading asset. As the Bitcoin getting more population, the Bitcoin futures has been launched to traders. As this trend has developed, Cyptocurrency Futures will get into the main trading product by the time goes by. Bexplus exchange provide advance Cryptocurrency futures product to cryptocurrency lovers.

Bitcoin Futures.

Different from the spot market, future market allows traders to trade the contracts which the both counterparties agree that the purchase of the underlying assets with stated price and date happens in the future. The price of Futures contract is usually base to the value of the underlying asset, such as crude, gold or stock.

Futures contract has exited for a long time. In 1710, Japan bring out the first futures market—Dojima Rice Exchange. Some people think that prototype of futures market appear in 1750 BCs, the code of Hammurabi already give the right to deliver the goods with a settlement price in the agreed date at the future.

When traders are trading in the futures contract, they may consider about the purchase size, the trading date, the settlement date and the buy or sold options. Simply, Futures contracts can be created by two parties which the one seeing the uptrend value of the asset and the other think into the different direction.

The futures contract is the agreement of the purchase which means that the actual purchase may finally happen when the contract reach to the expiry. However, at present, traders, especially speculators or hedgers use futures contract to hedge against the risk of their investment or regards as a profitable tool in making money. The Futures contract usually pass through many hands before the expiry date. At present, it is the financial trading tools related to cash rather than the underlying asset.

There are some classical forms for investors to hedge against to the adverse value change direction of significant or necessary assets. Here is the simple example to explained these kinds of forms. Tomato is crucial source for Tomato soup, the volatile price Tomato can significantly affect the overall profit of the Tomato soup. We assume that the tomato price is rapidly goes up, the chef who do not wish to lose the profit will buy the 10 long position futures contracts (1contracts represent to 1 tomato) for hedging. Back to the case, if the tomato price is $1 at present and will significant rises to $10 in 3 months, the chef can execute the contract to buy 10 tomato by $1. But the value of the tomatoes become ten times compared to the previous price. In this case, the chef is a buyer of the contract who takes the long position. The counterparty is the seller who takes the short position. The chef is impossible to take the short position because the decline of the price is benefit to him.

The speculator has different pursue of the contract. They use the futures contract as the profitable tools. The will judges the direction of the price base to the market information of underlying asset and make money by the price movement.

In conclusion:

Hedgers take a long position to protect themselves from rising prices and take short position to against the declining prices.

Speculators go long because of the expectation of prices rising and go short because of the expectation of prices falling.

Bitcoin is ten years old in 2019. Its market cap is steady growth and traders become excited that some cryptocurrency exchange launch futures products. For example, The Bexplus futures exchange.

Bexplus Exchange.

Bexplus is an advance Bitcoin futures platform. It mission is to provide premium financial services to traders who are interested in Bitcoin Futures.

At present, Bexplus Launches perpetual contracts of Bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin with up to 100x leverage. In the future, they will launch more altcoins futures.

Bexplus believes that blockchain and cryptocurrency will bring a significant impact on the global financial market. the founding team is consisted by senior blockchain architects, experienced financial traders and Internet professionals. They spent years to build up Bexplus exchange for giving traders a secure and reliable trading environment.



The bexplus trading guide of Futures contract

  1. Futures contracts option

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

  1. Trading hours

24hours, 7 days a week.

  1. minimum volume and maximum volume?

All volume is counted after leverage


Bitcoin futures contract-0.1

Ethereum futures contract-1

Litecoin futures contract-10


Bitcoin futures contract-100

Ethereum futures contract-2000

Litecoin futures contract-10000


  1. Adding orders

the price will change after you add positions.

Calculation formula:

Suppose the original cost price is X, and quantity is Y; now positions are added, the cost price becomes A, and quantity becomes B.

The formula is as follows:

The average cost price C=(X*Y+A*B)/( Y+B)


Last but not the least, come to take the bonus.

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Before you trading cryptocurrency futures contract, suggest you understand more about it. You can also try it in the Bexplus trading simulator with 10 BTC preset and enjoy the fun of making a great profit more easily.

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