Will Stellar Skyrocket? These Experts Seem To Think So

Will Stellar Skyrocket? These Experts Seem To Think So

Some of the top fintech leaders have speculated that Stellar Lumens will be one of the top gainers of 2019. In a recent report, they have said that Stellar will surge by a total of 84 percent by the start of February this year and reach a price $0.21. In the report also states that they believe that XLM price will reach 41 cents by the end of 2019 which would leave the cryptocurrency with a 260 percent increase overall.

The fintech leaders in question are six professionals from the industry, although it's worth saying that they didn’t all agree with each in their estimates. Instead, the survey simply averages out the six leaders predictions thoughts on the cryptocurrency.

The Chief Operation Officer at Digital Capital Management, Ben Ritchie has given his high hopes for Stellar throughout this year.

Ritchie said that he’s looking forward to two things this year. One of which is to see whether Bitcoin would rise if the S&P 500 began to fall further lower and the other being the decoupling of cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin. This is because the majority are still in the shadow of Bitcoin and therefore all follow what the leading cryptocurrency does in terms price and more.

In regards to Stellar, Ritchie said that the cryptocurrency had seen a lot of respect in 2018 as it goes onto building a public blockchain that solves problems.

Another of the fintech leaders include, Joseph Raczynski of Joetechnologist.com agreed with Ritchie’s sentiment. On top of this, he stated that Stellar is in the process of making some significant growth as it works on the scalable blockchain. “This could be the year [for Stellar]”.

As reported by Invest in Bitcoin, not all the leaders were as optimistic as Ritchie or Raczynski. The Bitcoin maximalist, Jimmy Song admitted that he has absolutely “no idea” in regards Stellar and is just “guessing”. He finished off by stating it will most likely go down if anything. Instead of going up, Song believes that the crypto will sink to $0.01 by February and it will have the same price by the end of the year too.

Nevertheless, the informed comments from the panellists do provide an indication of market sentiment and their bullish predictions which is a good starting point to overlook the progress and value of the stellar project.

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