Oracle & TRON Form New Partnership

Oracle & TRON Form New Partnership

Cryptocurrency exchanges are right at the heart of the whole crypto ecosystem as well as the growth of digital currencies. In addition to this, it’s also worth noting that the listing of this or that coin is beneficial isn’t just beneficial for the coin itself but also for the platform as new coins can bring in new clients that have an interest in working with them.

It was in October last year when everything seemed to have kicked off and it obviously showed Justin Sun’s enthusiasm for the future of the decentralised platform, TRON. The CEO of the network told the community of a meeting that was held at their headquarter in San Francisco which involved the blockchain team from the American based multinational computer database company, Oracle.

In the tweet - posted on 20th October - Sun said that the conversation was spearheaded towards the topic of smart contracts, tokenisation and a potential partnership.

At the recent niTRON Summit in San Francisco, the TRON Foundation has now listed Oracle as one of the firm's partners. In addition to Oracle, Steemit, Pantera, Aurora and many more were listed as current partners of the company.

According to Sun, the meeting was held on partnership opportunities, tokenisation and smart contracts. A tech startup adviser at Oracle by the name of Neal H, led the team from Oracles blockchains. Neal regarded the gathering as a “Meeting of the Blockchain Minds”. Partnership opportunities being a huge point of discussion at the meeting.

Before announcing Oracle’s Business-Ready Blockchain Applications, the blockchain Oracle team had visited TRON for a possible partnership and collaboration on future work.

As reported by CoinSpeaker, one thing that is interesting about the history of these two firms it's that when the founder of Oracle - Larry Ellison - started the company, he did it in a similar sense to Justin Sun by seeing a gap in the blockchain industry. In Oracle’s case, Ellison was interested with database design and was inspired further by a paper written by Edgar F. Codd on relational database systems named “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks.”.

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