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‘Exile’ Won’t Stop Bitcoin Celeb John McAfee Running For President

‘Exile’ Won’t Stop Bitcoin Celeb John McAfee Running For President
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The famous founder of McAfee antivirus software, John McAfee is a well-known supporter of cryptocurrency and is going to continue his previously announced plans to run for the United States presidency in 2020. This was initially announced back in June last year with the news being a surprise to many people and some were left wondering whether McAfee was for real or not. Recently though, McAfee is showing us that he and his supporters are already preparing for the campaign.

In addition to this, he announced that his campaign will run while he is in ‘exile’. The reason for this is that he is currently on the run to avoid felony charges brought to him by the IRS. A lot of people were confused by the situation didn’t realise how McAfee plans to run a campaign while stuck on his ’freedom boat’. He saw a lot of people ask him similar questions on his Twitter and so to answer them, the antivirus founder posted a video which you can watch below:

As he says in the video, McAfee’s supporters are creating thousands of masks of his face which they will wear during public gatherings. The masks will be used to represent his physical presence during these events with his masked supporters following his instructions which are to be provided to them in the future.

On top of this, McAfee's supporters will be split into two groups. The first group will be known as ‘road warriors’ who will start to appear on the streets, parks, restaurants and other public places carrying speakers through which McAfee will hold his speeches.

The second group will also be wearing masks and have speakers, but they will appear during conferences and at key events to represent his campaign.

Because of McAfee’s strange situation and even stranger methods, the campaign has received a lot of attention.

The founder of the antivirus software is primarily known for his support of cryptocurrency nowadays. He has even predicted that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, will hit $500,000 by 2020.

There have been stranger people run for president I suppose…

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