As Trump And China War Over Intellectual Property Violations, Could One Startup Offer The Solution?

As Trump And China War Over Intellectual Property Violations, Could One Startup Offer The Solution?

Intellectual property is a big deal at the moment.

The whole China and US trade war that we’re watching unfold sees the subject of intellectual property playing a pivotal role.

While most of the news emerging from Washington is centered around discussing the effects of the problem, there is one company offering a solution.

LOCI intends to completely disrupt and revolutionize the global patent industry by way of their state of the art patent search engine, which provides users with the opportunity to analyze their ideas in a way never before seen.

Inventors will also be able to protect their ideas using the blockchain, providing immutable evidence of originality and date of registration.

Groundbreaking application

Recently, the company announced a groundbreaking provisional patent application filing capacity, which has been described as a “turbo tax for provisional patent applications.”

Speaking at the launch of what the company describes as the next significant piece of the puzzle, CEO of LOCI, John Wise commented -

“We are ecstatic to introduce LOCI Provisional Patent as a revolutionary capability for inventors.”

“The LOCI Platform is truly a one-stop-shop, creating a completely unique resource in the space where inventors can quickly and painlessly search, analyze, protect and monetize their ideas.”

The LOCI Provisional Patent simplifies the entire process for inventors who wish to file a provisional patent application, using questions that are designed to elicit substantive responses from the inventor about their work.

The groundbreaking platform includes capabilities such as a search function which provides users with the opportunity to search the global database for existing ideas visually.

This search facility is entirely free.

Providing a “one-stop-shop.”

There is also an invention analysis tool which provides users with detailed analysis of the uniqueness of their concept. Using an easy-to-understand scoring system, this financially accessible tool gives inventors supporting data provided by machine learning and data analytics. The entire process helps them to perfect and fine-tune their inventions for patenting.

Once an inventor reaches the point where they feel ready to move to the next stage, the LOCI system will provide them with an auto-filled application. This means all the inventor has to do is review and approve before continuing with the filing process.

The LOCI Marketplace offers inventors the opportunity to sell, license and monetize their ideas, with assistance from the platform, while there is also an option to record the idea on the Ethereum blockchain, thus providing the inventor with immutable evidence of their original idea.

This latest addition to the LOCI platform has set the process apart as the definitive one-stop-shop for aspiring inventors the world over.

“I have witnessed firsthand how difficult the patent process can be, but now with LOCI, we aim to foster brilliant ideas and inspire inventors,” continues LOCI CEO John Wise.

Up to this point, it’s safe to say that they’re accomplishing precisely that.

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