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150 dApps On TRON - Is There More To Come In 2019?

150 dApps On TRON - Is There More To Come In 2019?
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There are a lot of expectations for 2019 to be a good year for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in general, TRON isn’t an exception to this, as the decentralised platform seems to be on its way to the next level this year. The firm recorded 142 dApps last week and now they have hit the 150 dApps milestone with 300 smart contracts deployed on its blockchain too. Furthermore, there are seven decentralised exchanges and 30 tool dApps.

News of this was posted on the TRON Foundation’s official Twitter account earlier today. As reported by ZyCrypto, TRON has been working hard to make things greater which has clearly brought in the high volume of dApps to this number (as well as smart contracts too).

“TRON has over 150 Dapps and more than 300 smart contracts. According to tron.dapp, there are 7 decentralized exchanges(DEX), 6 collection games and 30 tool Dapps. The Dapp ecosystem is relatively well-rounded, forming an organic growth trend.”

As aforementioned, just last week the firm's Accelerator program, designed to impress developers to join the network, came to an end. The program was directly responsible for the 142 dApps recorded at the time with TRON helping organise the niTRONICS conference help in San Francisco recently. The event was expected to bring TRON closer and give it more exposure simultaneously. The aim of the conference seems to have worked as the fast-paced growth must have come from somewhere.

The CEO of TRON, Justin Sun recently said that TRON will eventually take over power from Facebook, Google and Amazon. Sun has backed up his statement by saying that the firm has got more things to show the world this year and if we take a look at the company's past then TRON products have led to being the defining the growth of the company.

Elsewhere, there are internet giants which are looking to stay at the top of their game with hard work. As many people already know, Facebook is launching a stablecoin which is soon to be released. On the other hand, Amazon has started to accept Bitcoin as a payment option, originally with a plugin on the Moon Browser.

The year has just begun and right now, there’s no telling what TRON can do. All we can do now is sit and wait and hope that the news is worth waiting for.

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