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TRON Creeps Into Tenth Place

TRON Creeps Into Tenth Place
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Even though bad news surrounds the whole crypto market as we close the year, TRON enthusiasts woke up today seeing their beloved cryptocurrency to enter the top ten as it is now is tenth according to CoinMarketCap.

This is a great milestone for TRON and when you consider that it made it to tenth during a tough time for the market, this is even more significant for the cryptocurrency. In the short term recovery following the market crash in November, TRON was one of the top gainers which paved the way for recovery.

Despite the crypto asset making ground by increasing its market cap over the past few days, TRON’s key rival, Ethereum, has been losing or at least stagnant since XRP replaced it in the second surpassed Ethereum in daily transaction volume and dApps transactions capacity.

The founder of TRON Justin Sun is driven to make TRON the largest blockchain for dApps and smart contracts as well as web decentralisation. The firm has released several products which might make the company see its goals soon.

Last month, the gambling dApp on TRON, TRONBet reached a total sum of around $3 billion and that number is still climbing. Another factor which is helping TRON succeed is the recent listing on the big crypto exchange, ABCC and the volume of smart contracts on the blockchain which has surged by 25 percent.

To say that TRON has the potential to keep on growing and getting higher on the top 100 wouldn’t be a complete pipe dream. Sun seems to have a clear paved out path for the company and with such innovative leadership, who knows what the limit for TRON is.

If we look to Ethereum, the cryptocurrency has been slow in recent weeks with XRP taking over the number 2 spot on CoinMarketCap. If the market sees a big recovery then TRON might be able to surpass a few more assets as its drop in the current market is generally quite small when you compare it to that of Ethereum's and the other top coins.

Currently, TRON is in the red with a 3.97 percent decrease leaving it to be priced at $0.0139 according to CoinMarketCap.

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