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Progress Being Made Between IOTA and Audi

Progress Being Made Between IOTA and Audi
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The Head of Mobility and Automotive at the IOTA Foundation, Alisa Maas published a blog post recently which said that they had seen good results after a five-month of collaboration with Audi. The intention was to present the results of their project to people who are interested - investors and all.

The car manufacturer giant and IOTA have recently said that their five-month collaboration had a good impact on both companies as they were able to provide information regarding the pros of looking for new solutions with blockchain technology and IOTA.

Audi and the IOTA Foundation analysed the technology behind IOTA which could fix different issues in relation to automotive technology and mobility as well as the Internet of Things. In the first half of the project, the team at Audi were mainly looking at the domain experts, interviewing them and describing the issue and solution space. In the second phase, experts were working on the down low to focus on finalising the prototype.

Alisa Maas said, “during that time an IOTA Foundation team acted as consultants on a regular basis on topics like technology, use cases and business models. Both sides learned from each other’s expertise and contributed to the final results of the project.”

In the past, IOTA has worked with numerous other firms from all over the world. The engineering and electronics giant Bosch teamed up with IOTA in order to launch a new device for an Internet of Things Data Collection.

A representative from Audi, Malte Schonefeld commented on the matter and partnership saying, “we really had a great time working with the folks from the IOTA Foundation. Exploring new topics is always exciting and it requires excellent teamwork and dedication to really get something done within six months.”

Back in June, during the Cebit summit, Volkswagen and IOTA presented Proof of Concept in order to show how possible it is to securely document updates using IOTA’s technology.

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