On This Day In 2017

On This Day In 2017

A very big Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to our friends across the globe, from your favourite cryptocurrency news outlet, Crypto Daily!

Whilst you recover from your christmas dinners and from the excitement of the holidays, we want to explore what happened on this day in 2017, exactly one year ago. During this time, we all experienced the first ever large scale cryptocurrency surge, indeed, it was a big one.

On the 25th of December 2017 (yep, Christmas day) the markets recorded the following values:

Bitcoin: $14,200.00

XRP: $1.04

Ethereum: $762.00
Bitcoin Cash: $3,099.00
EOS: $8.43

If we remember rightly, from this point onwards, these figures only continued to climb.

The market surge of 2017 - 2018 was a landmark event for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and really was the first time that we saw the likes of Bitcoin really hit the mainstream in terms of investment. It was a huge event, marked with a huge amount of optimism. Granted, as we moved through 2018, most of that optimism was wiped out but hey, us investors are an optimistic bunch. One year on, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency still remains as a cryptocurrency to really be proud about.

Whether you’ve asked Santa for some Bitcoin, or if you’ve decided to steer away for a few days, be sure to keep an eye on the markets for any sudden changes so that all of your crypto dreams may come true over the holidays!

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