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Introducing The Next Blockchain Revolution - nahmii Airdrips

Introducing The Next Blockchain Revolution - nahmii Airdrips
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Last week, Crypto Daily carried out an exclusive interview with the CEO of hubii, Jacobo Toll-Messia and the hubii Product Lead, John Derbyshire. Keep an eye on our website for more exciting news straight out of the hubii project!

For those that don’t know nahmii is a second layer scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. Through moving transactions on to the second layer, nahmii provides quicker and cheaper options for making transactions on the Ethereum base layer.

This innovation is the result of the hubii project and is named after the Thai word for water. nahmii provides at least 15 transactions per user address every second and unlike Ethereum’s variable fees, transaction fees within nahmii are known beforehand and far cheaper than those seen within Ethereum.

On the 1st of December 2018, Hubii launched the first ‘airdriip’ of nahmii. This see’s the delivery of tokens to users who have registered in advance to take part in the airdriip. To clarify, an airdriip is just hubii’s version of an airdrop, though unlike airdrops, the nahmii airdiip is going to continue to an extended amount of time, giving prospective investors, plenty of time to get involved. Overall, nahmii’s tokens (NII) will be distributed through 120 monthly airdriips over a decade.

According to their recent Medium post:

“Holders of both HBT, hubii’s token from our 2017 ICO, and ETH can participate in the airdriip. The requirements are simple: HBT holders must hold their tokens in an address that they control the private keys for, ETH holders must meet the same requirement and also register using hubii’s digital asset manager hubii core.”

If you get involved then you will receive tokens every month through the airdriips. To know how much you will get each month, find out below:

“50% proportionally to HBT token holders (the token from our original ICO in 2017)
20% proportionally to ETH holders that register or deposit into hubii core
20% to a strategic growth fund
10% to key partners in the project”

The tokens will be distributed on a proportional basis using ‘balance-blocks’ as the basis of the calculation. The exact share of the airdriip distributed to each qualifying address each month is determined by equations which the following equations.

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