Cardano To Thrive Through Atomic Swap

Cardano To Thrive Through Atomic Swap

With the state of the current of the market seeing red and Bitcoin being below $3,500 at the current time of writing, many traders and investors have been wondering which is going to be the next coin or token which will come out with its true value in the next few years.

If we look at 2018 as a whole we basically see a downtrend going throughout the whole year with a few intervals for bull runs which were short-lived and gave false hope to enthusiasts. You could even say that last year was the ‘gold rush’ while now the technological potential is truly being the base of value comparison. On top of this, “if one certain blockchain platform network does find its widespread adoption it does not mean that the native token will be part of the utilization too.”

The atomic swap is ongoing and is highly anticipated throughout the community. There are several tokens which have their value at risk with it not being a necessity of holding on a coin for a long period of time. If we take a look at Cardano and its price/value will not be affected by the last factor. “Opening doors for a way to receive passive income via holding the token on a longer term will give individuals a reason to go for the leading coin. Likewise, bank interest that many will use to stack value but with a dose of hype.”

There’s always a possibility that last years bull run could repeat itself although this is unlikely at this stage in the year.

In other Cardano related news, last month saw the Cardano Foundation making a significant announcement through its Twitter account saying that pecking order of the Foundation was making a change. The statement went into how the former chairman of the Foundation, Michael Parsons was stepping down from his role and that Pascal Schmid will be taking his place. You can see the tweet here:

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