Bitcoin Is Not Immune To Gravity - Crypto Craig Takes On BTC

Bitcoin Is Not Immune To Gravity - Crypto Craig Takes On BTC

Crypto Daily are proud to introduce Crypto Craig from Bitcoin Energy, the latest influencer to take to our growing YouTube community - Crypto Daily Official YouTube Channel

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Crypto Craig is a long time crypto enthusiast with a love for the industry. Craig has a sheer excitement for the industry that stemmed from his own research a few years ago. Craig quickly realised that this new form of internet money was not just a fad, it was a part of a far bigger revolution, one that continues to grow by the day (and one that keeps us all very busy).

Craig believes in the technology, the democracy and the sprinkle of anarchy that comes with cryptocurrencies and is therefore pretty bullish about the future of everybody involved in it, ourselves included!

In his latest video, Craig explores the recent movements of Bitcoin, which since has seen a huge spike in value over the past couple of days. Craig’s analysis dives back into some historical trends from Bitcoin that have led us to this point.

As Craig says, “Bitcoin is not immune to gravity”, we have seen a huge retraction over the past few months, a retraction that has disappointed a lot of investors but one that we hope has now come to a halt.

In this episode, Craig looks at some of the key target points we should all be looking out for as investors, in order to make better predictions about what may happen next. Please note that we are not investment advisors and this is not investment advice. Craig is an enthusiast with a real passion for Bitcoin, though you should do your own research based on this before you decide to invest. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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