Where Will Blockchain Go In 2019?

Where Will Blockchain Go In 2019?

2018 has had ups and downs (mainly downs) for the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin has lost most of its value in contrast with its high in December 2017 and the market has been in a slump since the second quarter of this year.

Nevertheless, we have seen artificial intelligence get thrown into the mainstream this year as well as blockchain being called up to provide a solution to the globes issues but one question still remains…

What does the future hold?

A company which has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to networks, analytics, data, storage and so on, Rocket Software have given their thoughts and predictions for technology in 2019. The firm has predicted several things to occur during 2019 and we’re going to take a look at a few of their expectations.


One of the things Rocket Software predicted was that Legacy systems will get an update.

Out with the old and in with the new gets thrown about a lot nowadays and in some cases, it doesn’t always apply but many businesses still rely on the outdated legacy systems which are held together by heavy spending on mainframe maintenance. So maybe in with the new is a good thing?

Legacy systems won’t end next year but Rocket Software sure believe that it will be the start of true legacy innovation.


Blockchain has been dubbed as the solution to everything from Brexit to counterfeiting and even the drop in revenue the music industry has seen. If we look to the price of Bitcoin almost a year on after it’s peak of nearly $20,000 then we can probably sum up to say that blockchain’s hype is dying down too, just like the leading coin and the rest of the crypto markets.

Blockchain might not be the solution to Brexit but as the company says, in 2019, businesses could start to see the full potential it holds with the technology aiding streamline invoicing, payments, transactions and so on.


The internet is all around us and can even be implemented into the walls of our homes (just take a look at the Amazon Echo). Our watches and kitchen utensils can be connected to the internet too with more products expected to be released in 2019. We simply just need to look as far as crypto projects such as IOTA to really see IoT as a real-life working project.

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