TRON TRX Gets Listed On Two New Exchanges

TRON TRX Gets Listed On Two New Exchanges

TRON is a well-known blockchain powered content delivery, storage and streaming platform and it has begun to make headlines once again. The native currency of TRON Foundation is the digital asset token TRX which has just made a new listing on the crypto exchange, Blockport. In addition to this, the desktop application, Scatter is also going to be supporting the crypto token.

As reported by Koinalert, the TRON Foundation is seeing some good things this week and recently, TRON has been flooded with a million transactions on a daily basis on its blockchain network. On top of this, TRON it also listed on several crypto exchanges in Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The founder and Chief executive officer of the TRON Foundation, Justin Sun also discussed this. He said that even though Ethereum is one of the biggest and most prominent digital currencies, it would never be able to match TRON’s daily transactions number.

For Blockport, they made the official announcement on Twitter saying:

We’re excited to announce the listing of @Tronfoundation on our trading platform! Blockport users can now buy and sell Tron’s token, $TRX, directly through our Euro gateway. #BPT #tronfoundation #TRX

This will make TRON the tenth crypto to get listed on the platform.

In terms of Scatter, the founder of the TRON Foundation announced on Twitter saying:

Scatter also tweeted the same thing, confirming that they will be supporting the token. For those that don’t know, Scatter is several secure blockchain signatures, identity and reputation desktop application. In addition, it makes it easier to manage digital signatures of transactions on the blockchain. The company claims that this is a one of a kind system.

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