Keeping Track Of Your Investments, All In One Place

Keeping Track Of Your Investments, All In One Place

As most of you will know, for those who invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum alike, keeping track of your investments and your portfolio is a vital part of staying updated with how your coins and tokens are performing in the crypto markets.

The Coin Market app gives you quick and easy access to the prices of your cryptocurrency prices, charts and details, helping to make you a much better investor

The app includes several unique and exciting features:


  • Showing you the performance and chart data of over 1400 cryptocurrencies straight from Coin Market Cap.


  • Details of cryptocurrency prices and charts (with different time periods) of a given coin are shown on the app. In addition to this, you can zoom in the chart and get the price on a certain date by touching it. Check and monitor bitcoin live (btc).


  • Exchanges are shown where a given coin is listed and includes all relevant cryptocurrency information.

  • Set alerts so you'll get notified when your favourite coin reaches the desired price, as bitcoins and Ethereum.

  • Coin tracking - Show you currency prices as eth charts, eth values, etc.

These are just a few of the features included within this great app.

There have been hundreds of reviews for Coin Market with an average rating of 4.7 stars according to their website.

The developers of the app are constantly trying to make it better for their users. As a user, any improvements you think will improve the app can be suggested to the developers and your feedback will be listened to, to suit your needs.

“This app is easy to use and fits my needs, mostly. Love the dark theme option. Hoping for more features on the portfolio though, like pie chart or something *Edited to 5 stars. Pleasantly surprised that this developer do take action upon user feedback”

On top of this, the app has over half a million downloads so need we say more?

The app is available on both Google Play and the Aptoide, make sure you go over your store now to download the app to keep an eye on how your investments are doing. 

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