Interesting Ways To Spend Your Bitcoin

Interesting Ways To Spend Your Bitcoin
The frequency of cryptocurrency donation has been increasing recently. This is most likely down to transparency and accountability, non-profit organisations which have begun to accept contributions in digital currencies which has helped them raise more funds from a new subset of donors. As trust in charities continues to drop and donations aren’t as big as they once were, charities are looked elsewhere to better their public image by offering greater levels of accountability. Supporting endowments in Bitcoin means that donors can have a bigger degree of oversight which could lead to positive changes in the relevant field of activity. Here are a few non-profit organisations which accept Bitcoin. The Tor Project The Tor Project is a non-profit organisation which keeps the anonymity project with the same name in good functioning order. The project was founded over ten years ago in 2006 by computer scientists and researchers who were working on creating the anonymity-focused platform. The reasoning behind the name is TOR being an acronym for The Onion Router which is a reference to the manner in which the software is being structured. Through several network overlays, the network can provide access to the internet while significantly decreasing the chances of compromised privacy. As said by BTC Manager:
“If you are of the opinion that preserving privacy and promoting the maintenance of civil liberties while online is important, then you are likely to be interested in providing financial support to the Tor project.”
Edward Snowden Defense Fund The Edward Snowden defence Fund is run by the Courage Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting people who might expose truths to which subsequently expose their person to certain dangers, specifically, the Courage Foundation.
“Raises funds for the legal and public defence of those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record.”
Snowden is a former operative who skyrocketed to global fame following a leak of a big number of classified documents. The leaked documents revealed a significant amount of illegal activity perpetrated by the NSA which includes widespread surveillance and spying on civilians in the US and abroad.
“The funds collected for the Edward Snowden Defense Fund are used to support the legal team working to return Snowden’s life to some semblance of normalcy.”
Internet Archive This is an organisation which works to ensure the preservation of the world wide web. The organisation believes that the importance of a free and open internet it is essential and a secure archive is vital to this. Being founded in 1996, the organisation provides access to its archive through a platform called Wayback Machines. Through this tool, it is possible to look through over 340 billion saved web pages. Only a staff of 150 people support the Internet Archive and it requires funds to pay the workforce on the team as well as provide support for its worldwide servers. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!
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