How The Bitcoin Revolution Is Promoting Gender Equality

How The Bitcoin Revolution Is Promoting Gender Equality
The invention of Bitcoin and blockchain technology has had a significant impact on amy parts of the world. What was just an idea, has turned into a thriving industry, one that exists in order to push the blockchain and sell it for the incredible invention that it is. The blockchain will one day be the new internet, but there’s a big difference in this revolution.Many could argue that the internet is profoundly masculine, gender equality within ‘internet’ based firms is low and frankly, a large chunk of the internet seems to be dedicated to the sexualisation of women. The blockchain on the other hand is changing this, blockchain technology promises to one day make men and women equal, through its ability to truly promote gender equality. In terms of cryptocurrency use, only around 8.5% of the worlds investors are currently female, so there is a long way to go, however, this is down to other extraneous factors, it’s not that cryptocurrency isn’t marketed to women, it’s more a case of less women across the globe having access to cryptocurrency investment than their male counterparts. Even so, when we look at blockchain technology now, there are a lot of women working in very powerful positions, leading blockchain and crypto firms and having a role in the core management of many projects. Until recently, this would have been unheard of in traditional banking.Also, blockchain education programmes now seem to want to push notions of gender equality in order to give absolutely everybody the chance to make the most of this technology. According to The Next Web:
“Lightning Labs co-founder and CEO Elizabeth Stark announced scholarships for female blockchain devs in New York City earlier this year, in an aim to lessen the gender divide. This isn’t just happening in Western countries, either. In Afghanistan, where it’s common for women to not have access to their own money, cryptocurrency can be a very empowering tool. Code to Inspire, a nonprofit coding school for girls in Herat, Afghanistan, trains women in technical literacy so they can have financial and social independence.”
Gender EqualityWomen are already leading a charge in blockchain technology, tie this in with education programmes that are designed to reach out to both men and women, and it seems as if the blockchain really doesn’t recognise people based on their gender, instead, the blockchain recognises people for their talent and their abilities.We’re still a way off global gender equality just yet, but it’s safe to safe that the blockchain is setting a mighty fine example for the rest of the world to follow.
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