Bidooh Takes Advantage Of All That Blockchain Has To Offer

Bidooh Takes Advantage Of All That Blockchain Has To Offer

Present day digital billboard advertising bookings happen by way of emails, telephone calls and meetings. It’s also the domain of large advertising companies that have the financial clout and the big name that allows them to be first in line in order to book up most if not all of the available advertising space. The industry is slow, open to misreporting, lacks absolute trust, and is an exclusive club for the big hitters. This is an industry ripe for disruption! So how is Bidooh, married to the blockchain, going to do things better in absolutely every department?

Speed to market

Bidooh provides an online portal or a mobile app where an advertiser can set up their advert, decide where, when and for how long the advert will run. They can pay for it then and there through either a pre-credited account or with Bidooh tokens where the contract information is then recorded on the blockchain. From a client starting the add creation process to actually publishing an ad now only takes a matter of minutes.

No middle man

Everybody who wants to put an advert out there has absolutely no third parties to contend with. The contract is between the advertiser and Bidooh — no one else. Having each contract written to the blockchain negates the need for intermediaries and acts as another real cost saver for clients.


Bidooh is well aware of client concern over security and possibilities of fraud. Therefore, state-of-the-art encryption and tokenisation is used for the platform interface. Bidooh is fully GDPR-compliant and also conforms with full legal conditions and restrictions as regards payments. Finally, Bidooh’s development partner Apadmi with over ten years’ experience developing apps for the likes of the BBC, Jaguar and the NHS, is helping to deliver the Bidooh mobile app in a safe and secure way.


Before the advent of Bidooh’s new technology plus the blockchain all demographics were really hazy; the only way of knowing who had seen an advert was to literally count ‘footfall’, a time consuming and unreliable process. Bidooh’s recognition technology is able to anonymously record massive and varied data perfectly. Data such as a person’s gender and age, whether they have a beard or glasses, if they are wearing or carrying a particular brand, their hair and clothes colours, even their emotions are recorded. All these demographics plus many more are given a time stamp and are indelibly written to the blockchain. Whenever anyone looks at one of Bidooh’s digital screens, inbuilt cameras register these impressions and they are stored on the digital ledger. This data is available in real-time and so advertisers can react immediately to the findings.

The Bidooh token

Blockchain has enabled Bidooh to ‘tokenise’ currency. There are no geographical borders nor a myriad of national currencies to deal with — there is just the Bidooh token. The token primarily allows customers to buy advertising space. Each token costs 0.0005 cents and gives 10 seconds of advertising space. The benefits of the Bidooh token are in the transparency of letting the client know what has been displayed, when and where. There is now absolute trust in the system.


The Bidooh platform is all about allowing all business, regardless of size and value to access digital billboard advertising. It has made the process of getting an ad out there lightning quick and staggeringly easy. Use of the blockchain has provided the transparency and security needed for clients to be able to trust and want to continue using the platform. The immutable nature of blockchain and the ability to audit all information with 100% accuracy has allowed Bidooh to disrupt an industry that is a slow moving dinosaur. New technologies have been used to overhaul existing processes with varying degrees of success. However, Bidooh and its use of blockchain technology will absolutely revolutionise DOOH (Digital out of home) advertising and will totally change this landscape in the very near future. Disclaimer: All the above views are my own and should in no way be taken as financial advice. All those wishing to invest in the crypto market should do their own research or use the services of a fully certified financial advisor.

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