Why Justin Sun Has A Lot Of Power With TRON

Why Justin Sun Has A Lot Of Power With TRON
A rumoured partnership with TRON could be the most ambitious by Justin Sun to date. The CEO and founder of TRON founder, Justin Sun is no stranger to high profile announcements. However, the cryptocurrency leader has drawn attention in the past for his showmanship in how he markets his digital currency in the sense that at times he is blatantly promoting TRX. In an industry which is diseased with adoption and slow-moving developments, Sun has always been able to put life into the excitement for his currency.The direct line that Sun has to his developers and investors of TRX is a welcome change to the typical landscape of digital currency. Sun’s spotlighting of work done by the TRON foundation is a welcome change too.Earlier in 2018, Sun had shocked the marketplace with the announcement of him buying out the massive torrenting service, BitTorrent. He aims to integrate this into TRON’s always evolving Mainnet platform. Sun’s acquisition and subsequent integration of BitTorrent into TRON has yet to be reflected in the coins short-term valuation, the emphasis all along has been on paying the dividends for future use. The ‘secret project’ is a big part of this and was hinted at for months but it was finally revealed to be Project Atlas which is an initiative to implement BitTorrent on TRON’s network in order to improve both services in terms of vastly bettering innovation. At this point, you can see that BitTorrent has almost been a blessing to TRON in keeping the TRX currency in the spotlight which Sun may find to be well worth the cost of purchasing the platform in the years to come. Ethereum World News reported yesterday that:“Justin Sun’s recent hinting at a partnership may be the most ambitious yet for both the young founder and the top 20 cryptocurrencies. While nothing has yet to be concerned, the current speculative mill has it that TRON is in the works to announce a partnership with Baidu, one of the largest IT companies in China and essentially the Google equivalent for the country.”Holding over 65% of all the internet searches with the nearest competitor commanding barely a quarter of the volume. On October 12th, Sun tweeted:
“Finally, First time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name.”
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