Welcome To The Daily 2 - The All New Video Series By Crypto Daily

Welcome To The Daily 2 - The All New Video Series By Crypto Daily
Introducing The Daily 2, the all new video series by Crypto Daily and proclaimed crypto evangelist, Brian Wilson. Don’t miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to The Crypto Daily Official YouTube channel which can be found here.   In our first video, Brian Wilson proclaimed crypto evangelist talks to Crypto Daily about what he loves about our industry. Brian is a well-versed crypto enthusiast who is making ground in the world of crypto and blockchain adoption. Watch now to find out all about the exciting projects Brian is involved with and how he wants to help spearhead an international drive for blockchain adoption. Find out more about Brian Wilson for yourself, here. Here’s what Brian had to say:
I thought I would use this first video to explain a little bit about who i am, why i’m here and what i plan to bring to this already amazing… and rapidly growing news platform. So i got started in Bitcoin and blockchain technology a few years ago and just fell in love with what this technology represents and, in seeing how this tech can benefit humanity and the planet, i dove in head first and haven't looked back!
I started doing massive amounts of research, watching youtube video after youtube video, started going to meetups & conferences… which led to me speaking at conferences, traveling the globe and taking part in different companies that i believe in. I now own part of a crypto mining operation in Israel called capital 76, which is tied to an autonomous ag tech company called Meshek 76 which uses proprietary technology in artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain tech to autonomously grow food (which may very well solve world hunger in the future) and because of those companies I started a crypto bar, called bar 76 (point to shirt) in Yokosuka Japan. To talk about all these things with people in a relaxed environment over some cold tasty beverages… we call it blockchain & beer.
I’ve also taken part ownership in a company called Horyou which is a social media company for social good. I participate in and help organize Sigef, which is the social innovation and global ethics forum assisting in helping the un-solve the 17 SDG’s or sustainable development goals that they aim to solve by the year 2030, and we aim to help. Things like elimination of poverty, providing clean water to everyone on the planet, also clean energy, gender equality and 13 other really important problems that we face today. This technology can help. i also advise on multiple ico’s… one of those called Geomain, that aims to revolutionize the global addressing system.
So that’s a bit about who I am. So why am here?
Well, i’ve met and continue to meet incredible people in this space and its electrifying. That’s how I met the owner of Crypto Daily, at the Satoshi Vision conference in Tokyo earlier this year.  Amazing guy! We got to talking and in our mutual idea of doing everything in our power to assist in mass adoption, I had an idea about a crypto show, called The Daily 2, where I would explain some aspect of cryptocurrencies, blockchain & other distributed ledger technologies, as well  wallets, exchanges, private key management, maybe some insiders tips & info, just about anything in this space that feel is worth it for others to know. All in roughly 2 minutes per day.
We all have very busy lives, so i’m hoping you can spare 2 minutes a day to get some insight into this wonderful new world that we are all creating together. Help me help you spread mass adoptions, because I feel that this is finally our chance to solve some of the worlds biggest problems, and make this world a better, more sustainable place to live and thrive. Join me in this incredible journey.
With Brian’s help, The Daily 2 promises to be a one stop resource for all things crypto and blockchain, brought to you by Crypto Daily.
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