Tinder Super Likes The Crypto Industry

Tinder Super Likes The Crypto Industry
In a recent interview with CoinDesk, an under the radar venture investor in the crypto industry, Jeff Morris said that the average consumer doesn’t care about decentralisation. Through the fund that was created last year, Chapter One Ventures, Morris has been quietly getting in on some of the busiest crypto firms over this year and last year including Blockfolio, Radar Relay, Paradigm and CrytptoKitties. Even though this side project hasn’t received any real attention, the main day job of Jeff Morris is working as the head of product and revenue at the dating app giant, Tinder which controls most of the world’s major dating apps. Tinder did something that no other dating site or dating app was doing - make it feel like a game. The team behind Tinder has a reputation as a focused product company, one with an app designed for making introductions between strangers easier with its double opt-in approach. Morris spoke to Coindesk and said that the experience has provided a lot of lessons that aided him in determining what crypto firms to invest in and that the broader crypto industry might need to take heed to. Morris didn’t even realise the full potential that the crypto industry and the innovative ideas that flood with it. There wasn’t much pushing to actually think massively about crypto until his career network began to move and displayed that he might be missing something. Speaking to CoinDesk, Morris said:
"Crypto didn't feel super real to me until I saw people I knew working at brand-name companies going to work on crypto projects."
At the start of the year, Morris said that he wanted to invest in a total of ten crypto projects this year alone, in which he wrote on Chapter One’s website. But he has actually surpassed this with him making investments in twelve projects to date. Funnily enough, five of the projects that Morris has invested in aren’t even open to public knowledge yet. At Tinder, Morris seems to have now seen the buzz surrounding the crypto space as it is stuffed with digital goods. Tinder is one of the most successful digital products of all time even though most of the revenue comes from the subscriptions users sign up for. Morris said:
"I have definitely seen the power of digital goods at Tinder in terms of creating intellectual property that adds value to consumers lives. When I saw CryptoKitties created, I thought: This could be the start of an entirely new application of digital goods."
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