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The Daily 2 - (Episode 4) Exclusive Interview With Yonathan Parienti, CEO Of Horyou

The Daily 2 - (Episode 4) Exclusive Interview With Yonathan Parienti, CEO Of Horyou
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Hey What’s up Crypto Daily Fans, I am Brian Wilson and This is: The Daily 2 Introducing The Daily 2, the all new video series by proclaimed crypto evangelist, Brian Wilson. Find out more about Brian Wilson for yourself, here. Don’t miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to The Crypto Daily Official YouTube channel which can be found here.   See what Brian and Yonathan had to say in this Daily 2 Exclusive! On Today’s episode, I sit down with the Founder and CEO of Horyou, Yonathan Parienti.  Now, I couldn’t get this video down to 2 minutes without taking away from it, But, if you stay to the end, I have a very special offer brought to you directly from Yonathan Parienti himself.  See you inside. Brian: Hey what’s up Crypto Daily Fans.  I have a very special episode for you today. So I'm out of the studio and I'm up in Tokyo and I'm at the beautiful Imperial Hotel.  I'm sitting down with my very good friend the CEO and Founder of Horyou, Mr. Yonathan Parienti. Yonathan thank you so much for being on the show. Yonathan: Hello Brian, Good to See you. Brian: So that you know a little bit about the show, I’m just going to dive in. it's It's a very short show, it's a 2-minute episode every day where I talk about some aspect of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and basically anything that would help Mass adoption in this beautiful technology that's going to make this world a better place.  I know you agree with me in that sense, about you know how Mass adoption can make this world better, and so I'd like you to just explain briefly in your best elevator pitch like what is Horyou and how is Horyou Token not only going to help with mass adoption but how it's also simultaneously going to make this world a better, more sustainable place to live in and thrive? Yonathan:  Well, Brian, thank you for joining us here in this historical place.  That's amazing. Well, basically, in 2012 we created Horyou and we launched it in December 2013. Horyou is about…  H stands for Humanity Or You, so that's the way we can connect from the Universality to singularity and how we can as well build bridges of collaboration between people all around the world. So we created a Social network for social good. That social network now connects more than 300,000 around the world… social good doers, non-profit organizations, change makers, social entrepreneurs, basically people that want to shape a better future for everyone. That’s now growing and spreading organically on all continents. We just finished a conference where you were speaking, Brian, and that was in Singapore. Brian: Yes Yonathan:  That is called SIGEF, The Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum.  That is an Annual Gathering of those communities and over and Beyond, so we can not only be meeting digitally but as well physically. What we have added to Horyou, as a social network and platform, we have created the Horyou Token.  Now we are going into the impact dimension, social network can move from just connecting, to connecting for good.  And then bringing impact. Everywhere in the world our needs are growing based on our consumer society, and at the same time, we have the challenges of sustainability.  How can this be sustainable with our ecosystem of life. This is about how can we bring economic inclusion to the world.  At the global level, in September 2015, The United Nations had gathered countries and they worked on the Sustainable Development Goals, The UN 2030 Agenda. With 17 Goals that encompass the ability for humanity to make progress.  So on Horyou, as a social platform, we have the 17 goals. People can choose the goals they want to be part of. And with Horyou Token, which is our utility token, they can spread real impact based on their transactions. So, that’s what I created, called “The Proof of Impact”. Proof of Impact is very simple.  You make transactions and then you are going to make an impact to the cause that you want to select among the 17 SDG’s of the United Nations and all the causes that will be adding up based on partnerships. So, from being able to just transact with cryptocurrency you will be able to make an impact for what is dear to your heart. Brian: So essentially, if I make a purchase, and I make a purchase with Horyou Token, I’m buying a coffee, I’m buying things I’d normally buy anyway and the fee that is associated with the transaction… I can choose which SDG that goes to?  So, if I’m really caring about Elimination of Poverty in the world, I can choose that my fee goes toward that goal? Yonathan:  Absolutely, that’s the Proof of Impact. Brian: Wonderful Yonathan: And it’s SDG #1, which is the reduction of poverty, and so what is important is the fact that we have the social network connected to it, and the blockchain, with the proof of impact and the Horyou Token, it makes that Proof of Impact Channel down to the granularity of citizens that are recognized on Horyou Social network as social good doers in that field. And that is where we are reaching the disruptive aspect of Blockchain Technology.  Not only is it transparent, decentralized, but when you connect it with a social networking platform you will be able to see who you have supported by your transacting aspect of your daily lives.  So, it’s really changing the aspect of philanthropy. You are moving to a dimension where you know your support is going to be channeled to the right person that has been selected and published by a worldwide community of social good doers. That’s how we can really make an impact on a daily basis, and that’s how Blockchain can revolutionize our world. Brian: Wow, that’s just beautiful.   Yonathan: We call it, Blockchain with a Purpose. Brian: Blockchain with a Purpose and Proof of Impact. Well, that was a little more than 2 minutes, But I feel it was well worth it… AND the BONUS, Yonathan Parienti has authorized me to give you a 10% bonification on Horyou Tokens.  So if you are interested in buying Horyou Tokens, please click on the link below and use the CODE: “TheDaily2” to get your 10% What the bonification means is:  If you buy 100 Tokens, you get 10 extra tokens for free (10% bonus), so 110 tokens for the value of 100. Keep an eye on the Crypto Daily Official YouTube channel for the latest news and updates, hit subscribe and turn on notifications to be sure you never miss a beat. Stay tuned for the next instalment of The Daily 2. Check Out The Horyou Token Website - For your 10% bonus, use code: TheDaily2

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