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Roger Ver Slates Bitcoin Team At Malta Summit

Roger Ver Slates Bitcoin Team At Malta Summit
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One of the biggest names in the industry, Roger Ver has ripped into the core developers of Bitcoin during a recent event hosted in Malta. During his speech at the Malta Delta Summit, Ver argued several points including that many of things that once made Bitcoin popular don’t exist anymore in the current Bitcoin Core network. He included in his argument, the fast, low fees non-reversible payments and reliability. The American investor has been in the industry since the early days and has always had faith in crypto and Bitcoin. He is known for being an adamant support of Bitcoin adoption and sees Bitcoin to be able to promote economic freedom. Ver dug into several specific developers on the team which includes Greg Maxwell who left Blockstream earlier this year in January. Ver attached statements to each of the developers he spoke about which suggest they are okay with the slow transaction speeds and the higher network fees. You see below, an image of Ver discussing Jorge Timon who seems to think that higher fees are what is needed for the crypto. Roger Ver on Stage Ver isn’t the one to shy away from controversy and this isn’t the first time either. Ver has made comparisons between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash before. In the same year since Bitcoin Cash first forked from the original Bitcoin blockchain, Roger Ver has took part in multiple interviews, public events, and debates that have been live streamed where Ver highlights the negatives of Bitcoin and explains why he thinks Bitcoin Cash is the one true Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin Core supporters have steadfastly rebutted Ver’s comments, and have frequently taken the social network, Twitter to post his thoughts regarding the matter. The Bitcoin Cash hard fork is planned for next month and the project is still suffering from a conflict from its miners and developers. Seeing this debate on peer-to-peer electronic cash systems pan out will be interesting to watch. Bitcoin Cash is seen as more of an adaptable version of Bitcoin which could actually be used in real-life situations such as, What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! References: crypto vest

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