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Ripple (XRP) Might Surprise The World In 2019

Ripple (XRP) Might Surprise The World In 2019
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Ripple Chart With Values Chart for XRP/USD (1H) Ripple (XRP) is moving at a very fast pace. Anything is possible at this point. The Ripple team runs a very tight ship and they know how to get things done. The above chart for XRP/USD shows that Ripple (XRP) bulls have a tight grip on the price. Ripple (XRP) has just touched the bottom of the ascending channel it is trading in. XRP/USD is currently trading below the 21 Hour EMA but soon as breaks above it, the road towards $0.70 will be clear. Technical indicators are in favor of such a rally. RSI for the 1H chart has bottomed out and favors a rally. Wave trend for XRP/USD shows a short term trend reversal is due. Ripple (XRP) is making a lot of waves in the crypto community. Popular crypto investor and fund manager, Phillip Nunn said recently that Ripple (XRP) will be the Microsoft of crypto. One might disagree with Ripple (XRP) as an investment or what it stands for. However, the notion that Ripple (XRP) might be the Microsoft of crypto seems very plausible. Just as Microsoft penetrated every office and household device, Ripple (XRP) has plans to take over the entire financial industry. This is not just about cross border payments. Ripple (XRP) is developing inbuilt payment systems in browsers that allows for payments to content creators, vendors, friends and family in XRP. Ripple Chart With Values Chart for XRP/USD (1W) If you combine Wells Fargo, Venmo and Paypal, you would get something like Ripple (XRP). While there are other alternatives that might completely revolutionize the current financial system, Ripple believes that the world is not ready for such a transition. Before that happens, we will see large financial institutions put on a final show. They are going to do it with the help of Ripple (XRP). Before I move forward, let me state that I do not own any XRP. However, I do believe that Ripple (XRP) might see a rapid adoption way before Bitcoin (BTC). Ripple (XRP) transactions are faster and cheaper compared to that of Bitcoin (BTC). They can also be better managed in case something goes wrong. This is why services like Tempo and Moneytap jumped aboard the Ripple (XRP) train. Ripple is perhaps one of the few companies in the crypto space with such an ambitious market domination agenda. Their plan is not local; it is global. They have a strong presence everywhere from United States to Japan to India. Ripple (XRP) is not a permanent solution. Ultimately, it is going to be replaced by a peer to peer financial network where the middle man is cut altogether. However, before that happens, Ripple (XRP) could see unprecedented adoption. The Ripple team is very well connected and they are known for working miracles. I may have my concerns regarding XRP but I have never underestimated the Ripple team. Theirs is one of the most competent, determined and ambitious teams you will find in the entire blockchain space. Ripple (XRP) has an early mover’s advantage in its space and a lot of influence. Considering that they are signing partnerships left and right every passing day, it would not be unexpected to see them surprising the world in 2019.

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