Justin Sun Discusses His Next Goal

Justin Sun Discusses His Next Goal
The founder of TRON, Justin Sun is a big supporter of blockchain technology and a big believer in the potential it has to change the world. His recent donation of £3 million to the Charity Foundation run by Binance isn’t the only notable thing to come from the CEO as he has made it known for bigging up the technology and defending it from haters such as Nouriel Roubini. An interview with IBTimes, Sun says it isn’t unusual to have such opposition against the underlying technology and all that it represents in the beginning but he holds his ground that blockchain will be an everyday thing.
“Very soon, reality will speak louder than words, and blockchain will be the new normal. It’s inevitable.”
The company's CEO is also rumoured to have goals which line up with the original concept of the founders of the blockchain technology and digital currency. But he does admit that Bitcoin is still leading the industry and that it is spearheading the path for blockchain technology. TRON has learnt many things form Ethereum, TRON may hold the potential to become more popular than Ethereum in the future. Just a few days ago TRON’s trading volume ran past that of Ethereum and was able to maintain that position for a couple of days. Talking about this, Sun said:
“This is definitely exciting for us. In fact, TRON’s one-day trade volume has surpassed Ethereum’s for the past few days in a row. This is a testament to the fact that TRON’s network activity is steadily increasing.”
As said by ZyCrypto, Ethereum is well known for Decentralised apps development on its blockchain which has come up with a sort of niche for the company. The TRON CEO has also shown that he is keen is developing more and better-decentralised apps in the future which might become a big source of competition for Ethereum in line with TRON’s aim of beating Ethereum in terms of dApps and to one day lead the blockchain industry. Speaking on the matter, Sun said:
“We will continue working hard on increasing the quantity and quality of our dApps to also surpass Ethereum—that is our next goal.”
Not only does Sun have big faith in blockchain technology but he also thinks a lot can be accomplished with the technology to make life for many people, better. Nevertheless, Sun’s project is facing a lot of criticism but despite this, he does feel determined to achieve his goal to spread the use of blockchain to the whole world. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments!
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