John McAfee Running for Office?

John McAfee Running for Office?
John McAfee has expressed his interest in becoming the President of the United States. He aims to be the first citizen of the US to further the cause of digital currencies and blockchain at more of a national stage. His announcement came from his official Twitter account on October 3rd. Through the aforementioned Tweet, McAfee states his interest in becoming the next president of the country by saying:
“Let’s be real. No sane person could believe I could ever become President. That’s not my goal. I want access to the National Stage for 18 months to promote what I believe is the only thing that can save us: The Blockchain, CryptoCurrency and the economic freedom they will bring.”
What we think this is saying is that McAfee will still run for office, however, he doesn’t think for a second that he will actually get voted in. if he becomes a candidate for the presidency he will have the cameras pointing at him whilst he essentially starts to advertise the blockchain and the benefits that it holds. The businessman and computer programmer founded McAfee Associates in 1987 in which he ran it from then until 1994. McAfee is a well-known fanatic of digital currencies and a blockchain developer. Despite the drop in the value of cryptocurrencies in recent weeks, McAfee still has a positive outlook for Bitcoin and other Altcoins. Furthermore, McAfee has been known for his controversial talks and challenge which mostly creates attention in the cryptocurrency world. Recently discussing the BitFi wallet, McAfee claimed that the wallet was unhackable. However, it turns out McAfee was wrong that there is such a thing like unhackable. McAfee’s interest in running for office hasn’t gone without drawing any attention (probably one of McAfee’s intentions!). Many tweets have expressed their opinions from the community includes one user saying:
“I would not have agreed with this two years ago, but the recent incumbent has shown anything is possible.”
At the same time, the United States of America has recently begun to show a slight interest in the crypto and blockchain space. The adoption of the crypto and blockchain worlds has been a slow one when you compare the US to Asia and Europe. Reference: ZyCrypto
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